Keeping Safe Whilst Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

Safety is at the top of most people’s priorities when using a hot tub or spa and particularly during the winter months. Surfaces outside can become quite slippery in colder weather so it’s important to make sure your hot tub is placed on a surface that isn’t going to cause an accident. So to prevent slips and falls on moss covered decking or paths why not place your hot tub on a purpose built material instead? We asked Aqua Spa Supplies for their top recommendation!

The Smart Deck has been designed to be the ideal surface on which to place a hot tub. It will provide a completely flat surface and will eliminate the need for a permanent concrete or paving area. It comes as eight square panels that can be simply locked together to whatever size you require quickly and easily. The surface is textured so accidental falls are less likely to happen and being black in colour it will always look smart.

To add to the safety why not add a Spa Side Handrail? Able to be positioned in any direction,it simply slides under the spa cabinet and doesn’t require any assembly or hardware, and once in position it can be locked in place for added safety. It also comes with a soft blue LED light on the interior curve of the rail which will look particularly good when using your hot tub at night.

Make it easier to climb in and out of your hot tub by purchasing a reliable set of steps. The Dura Step would be a good choice due to its large, slip resistant treads and strong construction. It can be assembled in seconds and thanks to its reversible treads, it is suitable for use with either a round or square spa.

Just adding one or two of these extras to your hot tub will make using it much more pleasant and help to keep you safe at the same time.

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