Internships, Why You Should Have One And How To Get One

Internships, Why You Should Have One And How To Get One

Internship, a word heard so often yet many students do not know exactly what one is or why they should try and get one. An internship is basically an entry-level job in a company that can be paid as well as unpaid. There are internships available in just about every field, from nursing to marketing. Internships can help teach you the skills and knowledge that you do not pick up by simply sitting in class and taking tests. I myself, am a college student working part time as an Information Technology intern and the knowledge I have gained from this job has far surpassed the knowledge I gained form schooling. Well now that you know a little bit about what an Internship is, how do you get one?

Many schools have services that list internship opportunities and they also have them listed on their website. I found my internship while surfing through the school’s website. If you do not know where your school lists internships, try asking a professor if they have any information relating to internships.

Once you find an internship you are interested in, the job application process is almost identical to the normal application process for a job. You will need to submit a resume to the company, either by mail or e-mail. The biggest tip I can give you, is to make sure your resume is as good as it can possibly be. Resumes can make or break your opportunity to receive an interview. There are many websites on the internet that can help give tips on creating a website such as

Internships, Why You Should Have One And How To Get One

Once a company receives your resume, they will contact you regarding an interview if they feel you have the skills to fit their position. If you are lucky enough to receive an interview, than you are one step closer to getting your foot in the door. The interview is a very important step because it is the first impression the company will have of you and this can be both positive and negative.

When going to an interview, make sure to dress appropriately because this will help give off a positive self-image. Act polite at the interview and do not be afraid to make eye contact with those interviewing you. Be prepared to ask hard to answer questions such as Why should we hire you?, why would you be the best candidate for the job? As long as you put off a positive image and have the skills necessary to fulfill the job, then there is nothing to worry about.

Once your interview is complete, the next step is to hope for a call-back from the company. If more than week goes by and you do not hear from the company, do not be afraid to call the company and ask if the position has been filled yet or not. It shows that you are dedicated to landing an internship with them.

After the process is complete, you either have an internship or have gained some experience in the process of applying for one. If you were lucky enough to land an internship, make sure to ask questions at work and be open to learning. You will no doubt gain a lot of knowledge through hands-on activities as well as gain valuable contacts int he field of your choice. You now have one step over the competition when it becomes time to apply for your first real job after college graduation.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I will continue to write articles from the college student’s view of things. It can be tough being a college student, but it also has its perks;)

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