Indiana Kidnapping: ValueMags Comments

ValueMags comments on methods the city can implement to keep kids safer from predators, cars, and other threats.

There was a statewide Amber Alert issued in Indiana last week. Three children were allegedly kidnapped. However last night, Indiana police canceled the Amber Alert. The three children were found by authorities with 28-year-old Blake Rindahl yesterday. The children, all aged under 2 years old were said to be in extreme danger with him. There is no further information about the children’s’ condition or that of Rindahl. This has been quite concerning for parents and guardians in the Chicago greater area. How can the city implement new technologies and measures to keep their kids safe?

In Parents magazine featured at ValueMags, there are some measures that are suggested. Although parents cannot be expected to keep an eye on their children 24/7, there are other things that can be done. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, it may or may not be a friendly street to let your kids play on. Naturally, kids want to play outside. However, if you are living in an busy neighborhood, make sure your kids are playing in a fenced in area. To elaborate, the higher the fence, the better. It will give your family privacy and will allow your kids to play while minimizing the chances of being watched or surveyed. Additionally, the way that fence is installed and the nature of the gates can also determine the safety of the danced in area the kids are playing in. There are many ways to keep your kids safe and implement safer measures. It is not always easy being a parent or guardian but the last thing you want is something to happen to your child. What is the happy medium between keeping your child safe and letting them live?

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