Important Tips Against Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Do you often have shiny, oily or oily skin? Does your skin preferably shine on the forehead, nose, and chin even though you have recently washed your skin? Do you often deal with pimples and blackheads and your pores are more dilated?

In this article, I introduce the most common methods of how to combat the appearance of pimples.

Pimples are made of sebum. The shine on your skin results from the secretion of fat from these sebaceous glands. In addition, there are so-called horny scales that can clog these sebaceous glands. This happens especially with coarse pores. Then the sebum accumulates and blackheads or inflamed pimples develop.

Important Tips Against Oily Skin

What to Do With Oily Skin

We all know Clearasil. But does this famous remedy for acne help? Or do you actually need a special zinc ointment for pimples or does tea tree oil help against pimples?

It is clear that these home remedies for pimples at least not hurt. What is more often done wrong is the frequency and nature of the application. Incidentally, I recommend skin cleansers that match the pH of the skin. Cosmetic products with a ph value around 5.5 correspond to the natural pH value of our skin and do not destroy our sensitive skin. It also saves a bit of money and it helps as well.

So: it’s enough if you wash your face oil control soap or face wash twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. And occasionally wash your hands again and again. Especially if you come from outside or have had a long time with the computer keyboard.

Pimples Quickly Are Gone

Do not use hot water when cleaning. This stimulates the fat production of the sebaceous glands. And: Use a towel that is only used for your face and dab off your skin and does not rub. Even better: Use kitchen towels or toilet paper to dry and dab off the water.

Aftercare for Oily Skin

Tonic help with their anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Apply these after cleaning. The alcohol content reduces fat production. But first, pay attention that the tonic is not too aggressive. If your face is still greasier after that, rather do not use tonic.

For Oily Skin

You should peel only once a week, but you should do it gently and do not hurt the skin. It frees dead cells and refreshes the skin. Disinfect your hands as much as possible before squeezing and cleanse your face as well. Try not to leave a wound and try with as little pressure as possible. Start from the outside and push inwards and then towards the center.

Extra Care for Oily Skin

Like any other skin type, oily skin is happy to have the right extra care. Specifically, these can be clarifying masks with white clay or healing earth. They decrease the skin thoroughly, without drying them out and bring the out-of-control sebaceous glands again to rest.

Applied once or twice a week, they effectively contribute to the visible matting of the skin and counteract the development of impurities. You can relax wonderfully during the exposure time of up to half an hour! And that does oily skin really well.

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