Important Additions For Any RV

Important Additions For Any RV

An RV is a major addition to any family’s arsenal of vehicles. Whether you’ve got a fairly small RV or a humongous one which could be used as a second home, an RV is very much a luxury addition to any lifestyle. Just because your RV is on four wheels, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of the luxuries you would find at home.

There are many must-have additions for any RV which make the experience all the more enjoyable and stress-free, luxurious and like being at home. Keep reading to see our top five picks for important additions to your RV and visit Speed Final for even more vehicle-related blogs!

#1: Wi-Fi

Whilst many RV trips are taken to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Wi-Fi is still a worthy addition to any RV, especially if you work for yourself from home. A Wi-Fi hotspot is a must-have addition to your RV and there are many flexible plans and data providers available.

Although some campsites do have Wi-Fi, it isn’t always reliable, and it is much better to have your own private network. Being away from home does not mean you have to be disconnected from the digital world!

#2: A Laundry Solution

Some form of laundry solution is great if you are going to be spending long periods away. Relying on laundromats isn’t ideal and a product such as The Laundry Pod gives you much more flexibility, as you can wash your clothes wherever, whenever and with a minimal amount of fuss.

The Laundry Pod uses a small of water and detergent which you then spin by hand for a few minutes to clean your clothes.

#3: A Proper Shower Head

Many RV showers are just sad, generally having low water pressure and an inability to be adjusted, among other things. There are many water-efficient RV shower heads out there which you simply must get installed in your RV! RV shower heads tend to use oxygen – yes, the air – to create an RV shower experience like no other.

#4: An Awning

You aren’t going to be spending all of your time in your RV, so maximize your usage of the outside space by installing an awning. They provide fantastic cover from intense sun or short bursts of rain and enable you to create a sort-of outdoors seating area. Many RVs come with awnings, but they are easy to install if not.

#5: A Hidden Key

Getting locked out of your home is one thing, but getting locked out of your RV in the middle of the sticks is another! This is a situation which does happen and can be easily avoided by having a hidden key somewhere on the exterior of your RV. You can get plenty of key safes and lockboxes fitted to the vehicle’s exterior, meaning that if you are ever locked out, you can just get your spare key out of the lockbox and regain entry… that’s if you don’t forget the code for the lockbox!

An RV is the classic American family home away from home, and there are many small adjustments which can be made to make the experience all the more enjoyable and stress-free.

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