Importance Of VIN In Ascertaining The Exact History Of Vehicle

In all the western countries, the NCRB of the police department is quite attentive to the history of the vehicles plying on the road.  To avoid the increasing number of the road accidents, the drive has been started to road out the older vehicles.  Though, it is normally not possible to figure out such vehicles.  Though, some of the physical arrangements have been made on each toll plaza to check the older version of all type of motor vehicles.  Necessary amendments have also been made in the constitution of all the western countries and Motor Vehicle Act re-designed accordingly.

But a simple question is arises here that what is a VIN and how can a user get satisfied that the vehicle buying or selling is free from the older version and any theft and fraud.  VIN stands for the Vehicle Identification Number.  This is a unique identification number allotted to each of the vehicle by the manufacturer.  This number consists of 17 different figures.  This number is able to display the date of manufacturing of the vehicle, model, and make and chassis number.  In case of specially designed vehicle, the class type is also displayed.  Some of the vehicles, which have 4 x 4 operations, also allotted this unique identification number.  The number is provided at many places within the vehicle so that the same can be easily found out in case of need.  Chassis number and engine number describe the vintage of the vehicle and according to the latest motor vehicle acts, the vehicle more than 15 years of age are not allowed to ply on the road whether their mileage have crossed the classification limit or not.

Importance Of VIN In Ascertaining The Exact History Of Vehicle

Keeping an eye on the VIN of each vehicle, it will be easier to the seller or buyer to make a fare contract.  Buyers will also not be in doubt while purchasing the vehicle as well as the sellers too. Though, almost the insurance companies have the facility of online check of VIN on their sites.  Owner of the vehicle can utilize this facility. Insurance companies also have the use of exact vintage of the vehicle to determine the coverage amount of insured vehicle.  Though, the companies check the VIN as very first action before undergoing normal procedure to insure a vehicle.  The VIN is quite different of motor bikes, cars, load careers and three wheelers.  Some of the companies are there who provide the VIN check facility in free.  In case the vehicle in question, is accidented or stolen at somewhere. The vin check will display the details on the screen and provide easiness to the user. 

Why vin Check is Necessary for All the Vehicles 

The vin check was started during 1981 with the aim to minimize the road accident cases because of old vintage.  Mechanical condition of the vehicles goes weaker and leads a cause for accidents.  In the United States of America, it was felt to identify the number of such vehicles which are more than 15 years old.  Though, the physical drive was launched to get the Lampson figure of such vehicles but online procedure was also started.  A specially designed number was initiated and allotted to each new vehicle.  This new number was also registered with the NICB.  With the help of this new number, the history of the vehicle can be obtained at any stage.  Now some companies with free vin check are available in market.  You just need to enter your special and unique VIN and get the details.  The vin check is also helpful in maintaining the accident history of the vehicle.  On every accident, the VIN is registered in police records and helps the buyers at later state.

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