How To Use Facebook Marketing To Boost ECommerce

Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform out there and is the second most visited site in the world.  But how can you use Facebook to grow your brand and drive engagement?
Facebook is unique in that all pages have customizable “Tabs.” On each of these tabs you can add your own unique content, from contests to storefronts to video streams; if you can think it up you can add it.  The majority of Facebook’s 1.11 billion users actively engage in applications every month, so if your business isn’t utilizing apps, then you are missing out on a potential untapped market.
When deciding on your application theme, it’s important to remember that the best applications are the ones that allow you to share information while increasing interaction on your page. The eBook, on how to maximize your eCommerce site with SEO and social media can give you full details on exactly how to increase interaction. Keep the following steps in mind:

  • Don’t take what your business does into account when creating the application, focus solely on what you want it to do. The point is to grow your Facebook audience, keeping it simple and focused will make sure this happens naturally.
  • After it’s been created, focus on the aesthetics. If a lot of people are going to be looking at your page, it better look good. Tie in your brand by using your logo or colors from your site to emphasize your own particular feel and look.
  • Test it thoroughly before releasing it, so you don’t risk losing fans.
  • Don’t require the user to do anything for you. Don’t ask them to click on a link, watch an ad, or make a purchase—engage them, not bombard them with sales pitches.
  • Entertain!  Don’t forget the primary reason your consumers are on Facebook in the first place is to be entertained. Using photos, videos, music and/or special effects are a great way to catch their attention; it’s also a good idea to do this so that they share your app with their friends.
  • Give them something. People like to feel accomplished. Create some custom images that they get once they’ve completed the process, or give out a promo code.

4 Examples of Successful Facebook Marketing:

Here are some examples of business’ that have used Facebook Applications to help grow their brand.

1. Be Playful With Your Brand

A number of brands have found that their customers love the opportunity to customize/create products. To take advantage of this creating an app where your consumers can either customize your current products or submit new ideas to you tend to be very popular.

On the Ford Mustang page there’s an app that lets you fully customize your own Mustang.

Victoria’s Secret recently ran a contest asking their fans to submit designs for a new beach tote. The winner won a $500 gift card and now the company has a new product to sell this summer.

2. Engage, Engage, Reward

Bioré has a special app that allows you to answer questions and meet challenges. Every time you complete a challenge, answer a quiz question correctly or you get a few points. As you stockpile your points you can start cashing them in for Bioré brand goodies.

3. Be the Local Mom

If you have multiple locations then creating an app that your customers can view to learn about what’s happening at their local store can be beneficial. Wal-Mart has created a great app that serves this purpose. Customers can see new items, coupons, and special deals. They can even create a shopping list to bring with them.

4. Interaction with an Added Advantage

Get you fans to advertise for you! Offer a prize for a photo or video contest relating to your brand. Red Lobster offered a $25 gift card or free lunch for a year to contestants who posted pictures of themselves eating the new lunch special at their local Red Lobster.
You can do anything with a Facebook application. Take the time to think about it and try it out. Remember to be playful and have fun!

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Tiffany Sands is the Social Media Director for National Positions, an Internet marketing and SEO company based in Los Angeles, CA. National Positions works with hundreds of companies and has been named to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing privately held companies from 2009-2012. Tiffany specializes in social media marketing, branding and community outreach for hundreds of clients.

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