How To Sell Our Car Online?

Like millions of others, we could also be planning to sell our car. There are a variety of online avenues that we can use to market our car. Some services are outright free to use, others ask for one-time fee, while a few ask for a commission if we are able to sell the car. Regardless of the path we choose, there are a few things that we need to do when we are planning to sell our car online. First of all, we should make sure that we take appealing photos of our car. Visual content is important in any advertisement and these photos should deliver good first impression, even when viewed on webpages. We should be aware that we have only one chance to appeal someone, so we may need to take dozens of photos and choose the best ones.

Obviously, we should wash the car thoroughly before we take photographs. We don’t want to accidently highlight coffee stains around the cup holder. Photos should be taken from different angles; we could try photos of the interior, rear shots, angled shots and straight shots. We should also take good pictures of the engine as well. We should also wipe any kind of dirt from the engine compartment. Car’s modifications and trim package should be highlighted as well. We should take some pictures of the aftermarket exhaust systems if we have spent more than a few thousand dollars on them.

Good photos will build value and allow us to achieve our asking price. If we have an SS edition with upgraded interior and nicer skirt packages, we should highlight them as well. When taking pictures of our car, we should be aware of a few basics in photography. Pictures should be taken in well-lit areas. Don’t take pictures during the night or when the car is covered in snow and mud. We should avoid placing intense source of lights at the rear of the car, because this could cause blurriness and make the car looks less detailed. The car should also have subtle background that enhances the good look of our car, instead of competing with our car visually.

We need to try to take the best descriptions about the car. Although pictures can “say” thousands of words, great selling and writing copy should be really helpful. A good advertising material should include enticing call to action statements, such as “contact now before too late” or “priced to sell quickly”. We should be aware that not many people are knowledgeable about cars, so we should use simple, but powerful words. Although we could write down the mileage of the cars and other details, we should also use easy to understand statements in bolder fonts saying “The engine is a wonderful condition”.

This should be a total no-brainer, but we should include good details about contact information. We shouldn’t use email address and phone numbers that we barely ever check. Add multiple options to contact us if the primary way to reach is inaccessible.

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