How To Select The Best e-cigarettes

How To Select The Best e-cigarettes

This article discusses certain factors that must be considered while choosing the best electronic cigarettes without any fuss. After the decision to use an e-cigarette has been made, one must decide on certain things.

How To Select The Best e-cigarettes

  1. Type of Flavor:

    One can choose from a huge variety of e-liquid flavors. One can opt from standard or custom flavors. Custom flavors are best suited for those individuals who are allergic to certain chemicals and odors. Tank type ecigs possess a larger variety of e-liquids.

  2. Where to Purchase Them:

    Online stores as well as local departmental stores sell e-cigs openly. Both these store types have their pros and cons. Local stores offer a limited selection of electronic cigarettes and usually charge two three times the original cost. Also they may not sell some special illegal types. Yet, one can opt for local stores since they offer sound advice on proper selection and also provide guidance on safe usage. The benefit of online selection is that they have a huge selection at reasonable prices. Sometimes they come with cheap discount offers and attractive deals. With regards to customer service, they are superior to local stores as they provide customer reviews, and knowledge on all the different types of electronic cigarettes listed in the inventory.

  3. Types:

    In essence, these are of two broad categories. One is a disposable type and the other is a tank refillable kind. Both have their pros and cons. The disposable ones are easy to use but have less battery life and involve lesser choices of flavor types and nicotine strengths. The tank style is best suited for ace smokers who know well their addiction level, as this type enables them to determine the exact amount of nicotine strength and flavor that would excite their senses effectively. Disposable ones are best for those individuals who want to carry out smoking activities in a conservative social setting, while the tank style ones are for more aggressive and dominating smokers.

  4. How Often:

    Disposable electronic cigarettes operate for up to two days in a row with normal usage of battery. The decision between smoking between work breaks and smoking every minute of the day is important and greatly influences the choice of electronic cigarette. This is because high priced ones come with a longer battery life, thus allowing the user to vape for longer periods of time and manage for several days without recharging the battery again.

  5. The Price Factor:

    It is astonishing how much they vary in their price range. The disposable ones are cheaper and in the 30-50$ range, while the re-fillable ones are quite expensive. Price also depends on the strength of nicotine used and the kind of flavor. Common flavors such as orange, mint and cinnamon come at reasonable costs, but fancier ones like bubble gum or chocolate are costly. The larger the battery life, the greater will be the price. Also the brand value differs and so does the mode of purchase. Online stores charge reasonable prices while local stores are costlier.