How To Properly Prepare Your ‘Essentials Box’ For Moving Day

When planning a move, we are often so busy with packing our items for the move that we forget one absolute necessity: an ‘essentials box.’ Whilst packing all our belongings is a major task that requires a lot of effort (and concentration, we might add), we shouldn’t neglect what we need for the actual day of the move itself. Having a box of essentials is a big requirement if you want your move to be as hassle- and headache-free as possible.

So what comprises this ‘box of essentials?’ Let’s find out.

What is an ‘essentials box?’

An ‘essentials box,’ just as its name implies, is a box that would contain all the necessities you require during and right after your move. These essentials would include kitchen items as well as toiletries and the like.

What your ‘essentials box’ should contain

  • Kitchen items

After you move to your new home, you aren’t expected to go through all your boxes on the same day. In fact, it might take you weeks to unpack all your boxes, so you have to make sure you have some kitchen items handy so you can at least have a cup of tea and biscuits after your exhausting day. That being said, your ‘essentials box’ should include such items as a pot or kettle, a few cups, plates, a knife, spoons and forks and other utensils, and a pan. Even though you may not be planning to cook right after your move, it still makes sense to have these items handy. And speaking of kitchen items, don’t forget snacks, canned or bottled food, and a can opener.

  • Toiletries

You would surely want to refresh yourself after your long and tiring day of moving. With this in mind, pack your ‘essentials box’ with some toiletries as well, such as towels, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and whatever else you need to fulfill your hygiene requirements.

  • A tool box and packing materials

You would also need to fill your ‘essentials box’ with a tool box containing basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, and so on, along with packing materials such as sticky tape and scissors, as removal company Cheltenham Advanced Removals & Storage confirms.

  • Baby or pet items

If you have a baby or young children, you would need to pack your ‘essentials box’ with items for them as well. Load your ‘essentials box’ with whatever baby supplies you need, including toys to keep your baby or young children occupied. If you have a pet, some toys and a good serving of pet food should be included in the box as well.

  • A first aid kit

Make sure to include a first aid kit in your ‘essentials box’ for any incident or emergency (it’s better to be safe than sorry, after all). The kit should also include headache medication, just in case.

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