How To Move With Pets

Moving to a new house can be a tiresome task for most of us, however it becomes ever more stressful to pets due to the unfamiliar new surroundings and travel time. Since most of the pets we own have territorial tendencies, they will likely not like being moved from their familiar habitat, making them stressed-out. The following tips will provide you with knowledge on the subject and how you can solve the issue:

  • You must do your planning well ahead of time if you want to avoid mewling cats and howling dogs. Do some planning, research and check for what you can do to take care of the needs of your pets. This will help avoid their agitation during the move. Make sure you keep them away from boxes and your packing process, especially if you’re a cat owner.

  • Make sure you let your veterinarian know you’re moving. This is essential, as they may be able to give you a reference to a veterinarian in your new home town, where you will have a much better chance to have good treatment. Your pet will likely need their shots, so you will need to make sure you can do so without looking at the local veterinarian offices only once you’re there. You may also consider giving a mild sedative to your pet if they don’t take travel easily. You will need to talk to your veterinarian beforehand however, so you can ensure you give them the right dosage. Cats are a lot more sensitive to such travel matters, so you will do well to be ready just in case. Never dose the pets on their own without supervision or you may end up endangering their lives.

  • You must consider the accommodations for your pet during the trip. Make sure they have enough space, that they can turn around inside their carrier and that they have food and water during the move. If you don’t have a big enough carrier to get the job done, then you may need to have a friend lend you one or simply buy one for the job. Whatever you do, never allow a scared cat to ride in a car without a carrier. The only thing worse than that would be to invite a nice, friendly wolverine for a ride-along.

  • During the packing and moving process, you should ensure you have your pets out of the way. They may get stepped on, hurt or they may end up tripping someone, so keep them separated in another room where they can stay until moving preparations are complete. Once that is done you will have a much easier time dealing with them.

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