How to Make Your Kitchen Appliances and Decor Match

How to Make Your Kitchen Appliances and Decor Match

When you want to have a gorgeous kitchen, it is a good idea to have appliances and decor that match. It is possible that your home’s kitchen has neutral appliance colors, including white, tan or black, but you might have a refrigerator, stove or dishwasher that is in an unusual color, such as red, blue or orange. If you purchased a home that included appliances in unique colors, then make the kitchen more attractive by choosing items for the space that will augment the colors of the appliances.

Use Paint to Create a Matching Effect

Painting various items in a kitchen can help you to create a matching kitchen. Remember that you can paint metal or wooden cabinets in a matching color of paint. Have an expert at a paint store mix different paint colors until it is a color that matches the kitchen’s appliances. You can use this paint to cover the entire surfaces of the cabinets, or alternatively, you can create a design on the cabinet doors. You can also use paint on hardwood floors or on the drywall in a kitchen.

Finding Matching Curtains or Window Blinds

Look for matching curtains or window blinds to use over the windows of your kitchen or its breakfast nook. If you can’t find ready-made curtains, then search for matching fabric at a store, and you can hire a seamstress to make window coverings that are the perfect size. You can also find curtains that have designs with the colors of your kitchen’s appliances. This will give your home’s kitchen a subtle matching effect.

Contact an Appliance Technician

Professional appliance repair services can maintain the beauty of a kitchen’s dishwasher, stove or refrigerator by covering the scratches on the items. It is also possible to change the entire color of an appliance with the proper type of paint. The technicians will need to transport the appliances to a different location to cover the items with specialized heat-resistant paint. With this process, you can have appliances that match the other elements in the kitchen. You can choose to have one appliance painted at a time, or you might prefer having all of the appliances painted during one week.

Install a Matching Kitchen Countertop

You can find kitchen countertops in a variety of colors or designs, so it is easy to find materials that match your kitchen appliances. You should hire an expert to measure, cut and install the countertops correctly, and you may also want to order backsplashes for the areas above the countertops.

Last, you can find kitchen towels, utensils and food canisters that match the color of the kitchen’s appliances to give it a matching appearance.

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