How to Maintain Upholstered Furniture

No matter if you have pets or kids, maintaining your upholstered furniture is quite a challenge. Even though vacuuming it and fluffing up the pillows do make it look good, keeping it well-maintained will require a bit more effort on your part. No matter how careful you are, couch stains and random hairs will be a part of your everyday life, it is not avoidable. Keeping your upholstered furniture clean and well-maintained will keep your room shining and looking neat even when it’s not. So, if you are not happy with how your upholstery looks, here are ways to maintain 

Invest in Stain Protection Products for Your Upholstery

One of the best and most important things that you need to do in order to keep your upholstery in perfect condition is to invest in a stain protection product. There are so many different stain protectors that are worth trying, but your choice should mainly be based on the material and your lifestyle. If you have white furniture and kids, you will want to choose something heavier and dirtier than someone who lives alone. It is best to ask for a professional opinion directly from the seller as they know what works best for their products. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight on Your Upholstered Sofas

Something that a lot of people don’t realise is just how much sun can damage your upholstered furniture, especially when they are made out of fine fabric or leather. When you are having your upholstery exposed to the sun for a prolonged period, the ultraviolet rays will start deteriorating the upholstery. Having a little exposure to the sun now and then is not that harmless, but always try to keep your favourite furniture pieces out of sunlight to prevent damage. 

Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaners 

Another thing that people avoid but is crucial when it comes to prolonging the life of your upholstered furniture is having it professionally cleaned. Hiring professionals will ensure that your furniture is nice and clean as they will deep clean it. Doing it once a year will ensure that there are no stubborn stains or smells stuck in your future. Professionals that do carpet and upholstery cleaning will use special products and methods that will not only make your furniture look more vibrant but also smell better and be bacteria-free.

Rotate the Cushions

One of the best hacks that will extinct your furniture life is subtly turning over your cushions. When you are periodically rotating them will ensure that they are getting worn out at the same rate. This way there won’t be some cushions that have holes in them while others are in perfect shape. In addition to turning them over make sure that you are shuffling the order so every single cushion gets the same amount of use. 

Vacuum Clean Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs Regularly

The longer that you are waiting to vacuum your furniture the more damage you are doing. When The dust is settling on your upholstered furniture it is solely deteriorating the fabric. Every time you sit down the dust will get pushed into the fibres. After some time the dust will cause microscopic abrasions to the fabric and cause the material to wear out much faster than intended. So, when you are vacuuming the floors make sure that you are taking the time to vacuum your furniture as well.


As you can see, there are quite a few things that you can add to your cleaning routine that will drastically prolong the lifespan of your furniture and have it look brand new no matter how old it actually is.

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