How to Host an Unforgettable House-Warming!

The time has finally come. You have moved into your dream pad, and are officially adulting in your very own home! Great things come when you move into your first home as an adult, rented or not. Hosting your first housewarming with your girlfriends is always a time to remember, so you need to make it memorable!

Give your home the proper introduction to your closest girlfriends, and invite your girl gang over for the ultimate girls’ night. In this blog post, we are going to share how you can host the best girl’s night at your new home. Whether you like gossip over a glass of wine, or you love playing classic board games from your childhood, there are so many ways to christen your home. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Prep your new home 

Before anyone comes to your home you need to make sure that it is house-warming worthy. That means doing a deep clean, getting all of your furniture and decor in the places they belong, and making sure your home is a trust reflection of you. Some people do not like to splash out straight away when moving into their new homes, and that is okay! As long as there is enough seating for the number of guests you wish to invite, an entertainment system and a functioning bathroom, then you are good to go!

Pick a theme for the night 

Now your home is ready to host, you need to pick a theme for your ultimate housewarming. This can be as simple as having new home napkins and cups handy to refresh your guests with. Such a small addition will be noticed! Or, if you love a good party, why not make it a night to remember and have a funkier theme such as a dress-up party, a board game party where everyone brings a game, or even ask everyone to bring a food/ drink item that reflects their personality? Decorate the house with bunting and cute decor to elevate the party feeling.

Prepare with food, drinks and snacks!

As well as your friends bringing the goods, you also need to be well stocked with supplies that you and your friends can feast on! Keep the theme in mind when doing this. For example, if your housewarming is around Halloween, have lots of Halloween treats and ghoulish drinks in large supply. Or, if you are looking to keep the food and drinks prep hassle-free, have ready-made food and ready to drink cocktails on hand to hydrate your besties.

Choose a fun group activity

There is a lot of pressure on you as the host to make sure that your guests are entertained at all times. Have activities at the ready such as films, interactive TV games, board games, and funny card games handy to keep the vibes high and fun constant throughout the night. If people aren’t feeling what you have planned, make backup plans for alternative things you do together. If you are planning on going on a girl’s holiday, ask all of your fusions to come up with a PowerPoint presentation of where to go and why it will be the best trip ever!

Kick back and enjoy the night

Last but not least, remember to enjoy the night. This is your time to extend your new home to your best friends and christen the new chapter of your life with them by your side. Make memories, capture the moment with photos, and have fun above all!

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