How To Have Great Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene should be a basic practice of everyone’s routine. Feeling healthy and clean is a direct response to great hygiene, and if you are looking to practice the best hygiene possible there are some things that you should be implementing if you are not doing so already.

Having great hygiene is not just associated with being perceived as clean by others, but is also a vital part of your health and preventing any spread of illness to yourself and others. For example, you might not be showering every day at the minute because you feel you don’t need to, but others might smell your body odour and you might be letting bacteria grow on your body which can cause irritation and illness. You should want to have good hygiene not just for yourself, but also for the safety of those around you. Here are some hygiene practices you should be implementing every day:

Shower Everyday 

Showering every day might come as standard practice for some people, but everyone should understand that it is integral for keeping your cleanliness good. Showering is one thing but also making sure you are using enough soap to remove any bacteria or odours is something that people tend to neglect. You should especially consider showering twice a day, if not more during the warmer months as you will be sweating a lot more and producing more bacteria.

Wash Your Hair

Following on from the topic of washing your body, you should also prioritise washing your hair at least every three days. The key to healthy hair is the health of your scalp, and making sure your scalp gets a good scrub as well as your hair every three days will leave your hair feeling much more healthy and luxurious. If you leave your hair too greasy, it can attract bad smells, bacteria, and even lice if left untreated. 

Prioritise Mouth Hygiene 

Dental care is also a vital part of keeping good hygiene, and making sure you brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes a day in the morning and evening is the basic practice to follow. This is the bare minimum, but if you are at home and you have a meal it would be a good idea to brush your teeth after your meal. If you can brush your teeth you can prevent left food particles from lingering in your mouth and causing any plaque buildup. Also, for the perception of others people tend to look better if their teeth look whiter, and removing the yellow colour appearance through whitening at a cosmetic dental clinic might be something to consider.

Wash Your Hands Frequently 

People often neglect the importance of hand washing, but it is a vital habit to implement if you are looking to avoid any nasty bacteria getting into your system. There are bacteria everywhere being spread on public transport, gyms, toilets, and everyone you can think of. You can prevent yourself from getting ill by washing your hands frequently, so you should always clean your hands whenever you get the chance. You should also consider always carrying some antibacterial hand wash with you. Some of the times people forget to wash their hands when it is most important after petting animals, before touching babies after, visiting the toilet, after coughing or sneezing, and in any other situation that encourages the spread of bad bacteria.

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