How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is going to be one of the most amazing times that you are ever going to experience. Your body will go through changes which you probably didn’t think was even possible. If you have the joy of carrying a baby inside you for the next nine months, then you are probably going to want to know how to carry your baby safely and how to stay healthy. The last thing you are going to want is to be stressing out and worrying, so sit back and relax and learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing.


You need to make sure that you pay attention to what you are eating during your pregnancy, as everything you eat; the nutrients will be going straight to your baby bump. Don’t get me wrong, you are allowed to indulge in your favourite snacks and take-away’s, but don’t overdo it. You should try and make sure that you are eating your five a day so that your baby will be born healthy. You shouldn’t think that you need to be eating for two either, don’t worry if you’re not always hungry, your baby will still be feeding off your last meal.


As we all know it is important that we always drink plenty of water, but it is as important as ever when you are pregnant. You should not go over the top and drink too much water as this can make you ill; you should be drinking around 8 glasses a day. You may also want to take up drinking milk whilst you are pregnant. The vitamin D in milk will do you and your baby wonders.


When you visit your doctor about your pregnancy, they will advise you on some vitamins which you can take to improve yours and your baby’s health. It is not necessary that you do take vitamins but it can help. They will make sure that your baby grows healthily, ensuring a safe birth.


Don’t spend your whole pregnancy panicking and stressing out, because this won’t help you or your baby. Stress and anxiety can be extremely dangerous when you are pregnant and can even bring on premature birth so it is important that you try and do something to keep yourself calm. There are many different group classes which you can go to; this will include yoga for pregnant women.


It is important that you continue to exercise during your pregnancy, however not the normal exercise which you would do on a daily basis. You should go to a Pilates or yoga class as this will provide you with enough exercise without putting yourself or your baby at risk. It is important to keep your muscles working and building up your heart in preparation for the labour.
If you wanted to get a little extra advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy, you can contact the women’s expert clinical advice centre. They will answer any of your questions or worries that you have about being pregnant.
Lauren has not long had her first baby and loved every minute of being pregnant. She received expert clinical advice from ensure she had a healthy pregnancy.

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