How To Get Your First B2B Customers?

How To Get Your First B2B customers?

The New versus the Old way

In recent years generating leads has gone from traditional methods like cold-calling to a more online centric approach. Previously an employee would need to be paid to sit with a phone book dialling business after business and going through the same default script hoping to secure a contract. However, with the emergence of the internet and in turn the dominance of social media, new methods to secure customers are being sought upon over older methods.

How To Get Your First B2B customers?

How about Social Media?

Platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin are ideal to be used to generate leads, both have a global reach, allow you to instantaneously contact others and offer a range of services that can be utilized to generate income.

Firstly Twitter allows you to create a “Lead Generation Card”, this will be embedded within a tweet with an image then promoted to your selected target group. If a user is interested within one click they share their name and email address to request more information. Twitter also makes available engagement metrics and the ability to easily download all leads result from the “Lead Generation Card”. This method has the benefit of business effectively coming to you, as well as being able to set a budget you cannot exceed due to the pay-per click model.

Linkedin also offers opportunities to secure leads especially since it is specifically aimed at professional workers and is a business community hub. Likewise to Twitter, Linkedin offer a similar service in offering pay per click adverts; allowing precision adverts by targeting potential leads by job title, industry as well as seniority.

These tools can be used to generate your first lead, but social media platforms can also be used without charge through building up a profile, a presence, and to research and approach. However, despite being a free model it would still take significant man hours to be in a position of securing leads.

Make use of the Available B2B Lead Generation Tools

A new way of securing leads, which requires minimal time and effort is through the use of a lead generation service such as: a company that engages with ideal customers and delivers them to your company allowing you to close the deal. They will research for you, use a mix of all channels from social media to uniquely developed software as well as develop and start a drip campaign for you. Resulting in all high-quality and interested leads being forwarded directly to you.

Using such services are not only suitable for businesses looking for their first lead but also companies looking to scale without wanting to focus more man hours to the process or alternatively hire more employees.

Ultimately there are many ways to secure leads, with both traditional and more modern methods generally taking a significant portion of time to see end results. With services offering to secure leads for you being available, it may be worthwhile to utilize them enabling your company to spend more time doing what it does best, providing your own service, even if it works out more expensive due to the opportunity cost and time spent.

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