How To Choose Women’s Flip-Flop Sandals

It is great to wear flip-flops but choosing them right according to your feet is not as easy as it appears. Justfab has discussed the reviews of many flip-flops in this write-up which can help you in choosing most suitable one according to your feet. These flip-flops have been reviewed on the basis of their features that include support and stability, traction, water resistant, style and comfort.

Different types of Flip-Flops for women

In order to discuss various types of flip-flops Justfab has divided them in different types of footbeds including contoured or moulded footbed, foam footbed, novelty footbed and foot-moulding footbed. Some of these flips-flops are provided with different types of straps to give them unique fit and look. You can easily find a suitable pair after going through these reviews with different footbeds.

Flip-flops with Contoured Footbeds:

These flip-flop sandals look sturdy as they have moulded rubber sole which cannot be bent easily from the midst but it bent naturally in the forefront like your foot. While choosing these sandals you will have to compromise with their stability that is required to keep your feet healthy and happy even though they provide enough support.

Flip-flops with light foam footbed:

The stability of these sandals is bit low and for that reason they are bit cheaper for a budgetary woman. According to the experts usually impulse or desperate buyers buy these flip-flops as they can be dangerous if worn while enjoying a seaside.

Flip-flops with novelty footbed:

The flip-flops of this type are usually made with two types of novelty footbeds – memory footbed and mat footbed. These sandals are normally comfortable in initial days but after some time they do not perform well as they are not perfectly water resistant and supportive to your feet.

Flip-flops with foot-moulding footbed:

The flip-flops of this type are considered to be the best among all categories as they are made from rubber or foam based compounds which remember the shape of your feet even after long time. They mould according your feet when you put them even if it is your first time and that make it comfortable. They are better supporter, shock absorber and affordable than other types discussed here above.

Though you can choose a suitable pair of flip-flops on the basis of the information provided by Justfab in this write-up but still they recommend choosing one with contoured footbed as they can keep you comfortable on many surfaces like hiking boots. Throughout summer season flip-flops are worn for limited time but they are not comfortable if you wear them for hiking or for other similar activities on rugged surfaces. In such situation flip-flops with contoured footbed are best which provide stability and support to your feet.


It is the other factor that should be considered when you choose suitable flip-flops. They should size appropriately with your feet to avoid any discomfort later on. In order to get more information in this regard you can visit at

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