How to Become Pharma Franchise Distributor for the Best PCD Medicine Company in India?

Pharma Franchise in India- The pharmaceutical industry of India is growing at a rapid pace and has left its footprint across the globe. An increase in demand for new and more medicines has given a boost to the concept of PCD pharma franchise in India. In the PCD pharma franchise business, pharma franchise distributors buy pharma products from a manufacturer or a PCD medicine company in India and then distribute those medicines to chemists, pharmacies in his/her area of operation.

Thus, if you have your mind set on starting a PCD franchise in India and become one of the best PCD pharma distributors in India then your choice of business is appropriate and most suited according to the present pharma statistics. We will shortly discuss the factors you must assume for success in the pharma distribution business. But first, let study the difference between Pharma franchise and the PCD franchise which is a conundrum for many and needs to be understood to determine if you wish to be part of one or the other.

What is Pharma Franchise in India? 

The term Pharma Franchise is used to imply the business method by which rights are granted by a PCD medicine company in India to pharma franchise distributors for carrying out commercial activities related to pharma on the pharma company’s behalf. The activities that the PCD pharma distributors in India engage in include marketing/promotion, distribution and sale of company’s pharma products to pharmacies, chemists, local retailers for further sale to consumers.

What is PCD Franchise in India?

The term PCD is used in concern with pharma and stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. Like Pharma Franchise, the term PCD franchise in India is the authority given by the PCD medicine company in India to PCD franchise holder to use the pharma company’s proprietary information, trademarks, the business model for purpose of distribution and marketing of the company’s products.

The terms Pharma franchise and PCD franchise are often used interchangeably hence the confusion.  The difference between the two lies in the scale on which the business is conducted. A Pharma franchise requires a higher minimum order, requires more investment, and covers a bigger area. A PCD franchise in India, on the other hand, works with a lower minimum order, needs less capital for business launch and spans less area.

Success Factors of the Best PCD Pharma Distributors in India

A pharma distributor’s job is ridden with competition but with the help of factors below, the job can be made easy.

  1. Detailed Business Proposal: First thing first, draft a comprehensive business proposal covering all aspects of your future business idea such as the investment, budget, location, risks, products, workforce required, available resources and advertising. The proposal will act as a window to your business and help garner capital help from investors. The plan will have probable solutions to combat market fluctuations and other unforeseen challenges.
  1. PCD Medicine Company: Associate with the best PCD medicine company in India. Make sure the pharma company you choose has a vast product line, offers good rates, good pharma PCD opportunities and ethical business practices.
  1. Target audience: We have always stressed the importance of knowing your proposed territory. Familiarize yourself with the demand and current supply of pharma products in your target area before finalizing the location. If the demand for products you wish to carry is not favourable to your interest area, then it would be good to reconsider the location.
  1. Registration & License: The only way to become an authorized pharma franchise distributor is by getting a legal business permit and getting your franchise registered with the local authorities. Proceed further to get a wholesale drug license, GST number and TIN to run the PCD franchise.
  1. Marketing & Advertising: No business can survive without an online presence. Advertising through the Internet on Google, Yahoo, etc. is one of the most effective ways of increasing business presence, attracting more customers and building the reputation. Another very popular and effective marketing medium is the social media platform. Create awareness about your business by telling your business story on Facebook, Twitter and reach a wide audience.

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