How To Become A Property Developer

There are several reasons why an individual will want to become a property developer. One of the main reasons for property development is because of money, especially if you can afford it in London. There is a lot of money in this industry which is why you need to have the right qualifications and skills for this industry. 

What Does A Property Developer Do?

A property developer’s job is to either build a new property or renovate existing property. This can either be residential or commercial property. They will then sell or rent out that property to generate income from the building. 

Do You Have The Correct Skills For Being A Property Developer? 

Many skills are required in property development however the main one is money management. If you cannot manage your expenses efficiently, property development isn’t for you as there are many things to work out during development or renovation. 


Another thing you need to be good at is good communication skills. These are essential if you want the project to run smoothly and effectively. No matter whether it is an office fit out or building a new housing estate, communication skills are vital for this line of work. 

The Risks Of Property Development

There are many risks with property development which puts many people off. However, that is like any type of business management job, there are always risks involved in the project. Some of the risks include; Changes in interest rates, the costs of materials and labour, dramatic changes in the economy, new rules and regulations, poor weather and construction mistakes. 


Many things can prolong a property development project and therefore, can cost you more money. Nevertheless, there are multiple things you can do to reduce the risk of these risks occurring. A good property developer will make sure they minimise the risks as much as possible to ensure the job runs smoothly. Nonetheless, even the simplest projects have leaps and bounds which you have to overcome. That is why you must try to reduce these issues as early as possible. 

What Is Required To Become a Property Developer?

There are many courses and degrees available which can educate you on property development. If you want to be book smart, we advise you to do one of these courses to gain knowledge. However, if you want to be useful practically, property development apprenticeships are a much better option to get into this industry. 

An apprenticeship will teach you everything that a degree will teach you. It will also teach you a lot more. In this line of work, there are things you cannot prepare for and they can be unexpected. A book cannot teach these problems that may occur which makes an apprenticeship better. It gives you that hands-on experience that university cannot give you. Furthermore, it allows you to learn alongside someone who is well-experienced in the industry. Learning from someone who has this amount of knowledge and experience is essential for your progression. At some point, you will learn these things in your field however, it is better to learn about them earlier rather than later. 

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