How To Add More Value To Your Home

If you have some spare cash in the bank, it is likely you would like to spend it on your home to give it a more finished look and there are many things you can do. However, if your home is outdated with windows or insulation, you must spend your money on the more essential things. Improving the efficiency of your property is much more important than the look of your home, especially when it comes to adding value to it. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential for new build homes however, back in the day, this was a massive factor. Plus, the insulation used 30 years ago is outdated and science has helped to improve the insulation of our homes. 

Glass windows have also improved. We now have triple-glazed windows instead of double, helping to reduce heat loss around our windows. It is important for keeping our homes warm during the winter and cool during the summer. 

A new boiler is another good addition to your home. Boilers continue to improve so a boiler that you had installed 10-15 years ago may no longer be energy efficient like a modern boiler is. 

Improving the energy efficiency of your property is a great initial step to add more value to your property so if you haven’t already, you should consider it. 

Make It Open Plan

Gone are the days when our living room, dining room and kitchens used to be separate rooms. Now, modern homes are far more open as they allow the natural light to spread around your home more. 

A lot of modern homes will now combine the living and dining rooms. Some may even knock down a wall to include their kitchen and make that open space. Whatever you choose, making your house more open plan downstairs is a great way to allow natural light through the house and make it look more spacious. 

Look At Upgrading The Garden

Everybody wants a garden for their home and a space to relax during the summer. Some people have it for their pets and others for their children so they can play in the back garden. No matter the reason, this is a great opportunity to improve your home. 

There are many ways to improve back gardens such as leveling it out. Some people replace their grass with concrete flags instead. Other people add multiple levels. You can even add a conservatory to give yourself an extra room. Just ensure you have conservatory roof insulation to maintain a moderate temperature through summer and winter. Plus, it makes your conservatory look a lot better and far more prestigious. 


There are many things you can do to change your home and make it look more appealing. However, improving the efficiency of your home should always be a priority as this helps modernise your property. Yes, it will be expensive but it is certainly worth it and you will soon see the valuation of your increase. 

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