How Lacklustre Immigration Lawyers Give Themselves Away

You’d be forgiven for thinking that as a member of the public with no legal training or background, you’d find it tricky to separate the bum lawyers from the brilliant. After all, it’s not as if any London immigration lawyers are in the habit of being truthful about their misgivings, so what can you do to make sure you don’t side with a dud?

Interestingly, it’s actually a much easier vetting process than it sounds as when it comes to the kinds of immigration lawyers you’d be better off avoiding, most are in the habit of well and truly giving themselves away. As such, it’s simply a case of keeping your eyes peeled for any of the following tell-tale traits and interpreting them as a pretty good reason to take your business elsewhere:

Guaranteed Success

First and foremost, there isn’t an immigration lawyer on the face of the Earth that can guarantee 100% success 100% of the time. It’s simply an impossible promise to keep as not only are there millions of visa applicants who will never, ever qualify for acceptance, but even those who do tick all the right boxes can be turned down for no apparent reason. Sure, they can guarantee they’ll never quit trying, but if they try and tell you they never fail, they’re lying to you before you’ve even started!

Suspiciously Low Prices

There’s a relatively stable average price you can expect to pay for any given service package from an immigration lawyer. It will of course vary in accordance with who you are, what you need and how complex the case is, but in terms of rates, immigration lawyers tread a similar line to one another. As such, if and when you come across an immigration lawyer that’s advertising prices that are massively lower than those of rivals, why do you think this might be the case? If they were good enough to charge more, then they surely would – suspiciously low prices usually suggest lawyers that are best avoided.

No Mention of Qualifications

Never forget that there’s a very big difference between an immigration lawyer and an ‘expert’ in immigration. In the case of the latter, pretty much anyone wishing to do so could set up a business and offer their own advice on immigration despite the fact that they have no training or really any clue what they’re talking about. By contrast, in order to be an immigration lawyer you need to be extensively qualified, educated, experienced and committed to the cause. As such, if they seem unwilling to share with you the details of their education and qualifications, alarm bells should be ringing.

Specialism in Other Areas

All areas of law are complex and therefore it’s crucial to choose a lawyer that specialises in the area most appropriate for your own case and needs. For example, it’s largely a no-brainer to figure out that a dedicated immigration lawyer with a lifetime’s experience is always going to be a better choice than a divorce lawyer who also does immigration jobs one day every fortnight. It’s not to say that the immigration lawyer you choose cannot dabble in other areas, but at least make sure that immigration is their primary focus and specialism.

Unwillingness to Provide References

If any lawyer of any kind seems unwilling to allow you consult with references before going ahead, it’s not a lawyer you want to be dealing with. The simple truth of the matter here is that taking what the lawyer has to say at face value isn’t what you could call gaining a fair and balanced insight into what they do. Instead, you need to speak to past and current clients that are on the same level as you and have nothing to gain from fabricating anything. Ask for references and be sure to take into account at least a few of them when making your decision.

Any Kind of Pushiness

Last but not least, as this is a crucially important decision the likes of which could change your life, there’s really no room for pushiness or pressure on the part of your lawyer. In fact, a good lawyer will always advise you to take your time and to never, ever rush any part of the process – including that of choosing the lawyer to work with. As such, if at any time you get the impression you’re being hurried or pressured into making a decision, you can take for granted that this is 100% for the benefit of the lawyer which means it isn’t your best interests that they have at heart.

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