How I Started My Own Business After Retraining

In 2011, I was made redundant, and after looking for work without success for about a year, I realised that I needed to retrain.
However, as a single parent, my availability was very limited: I had to be able to do the school run, and being unemployed, I couldn’t afford to pay for childcare. I needed a solution that would fit with my family life and where I could study at the oddest hours if I needed to.
For me, home learning was not only the ideal way, it was the only way. I could study at my pace, I didn’t have to worry about my child suddenly falling ill and not being able to submit an assignment on time. I chose a local college, and enrolling was simple enough. I had a dedicated tutor who, I was assured, would give me all the support I needed.
However, unlike the tutors at Stonebridge, mine was very difficult to get hold off. She was never available to talk on the phone, it would often take her a month to send me any reply, and when she did, they were often incomplete. She slowed me down considerably, which was all the more difficult for me that I was reliant on the completion of this qualification to find a job.
How I Started My Own Business After Retraining
Needless to say, it made my studying experience very frustrating and I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have if I had had committed tutoring like that which Stonebridge offers, so I can definitely say that quality tutoring is invaluable when it comes to home learning.
Before enrolling on the course of your choice, make sure that it gives you a recognised qualification. I did, and then went on to start my own business on the strength of what I had learnt. I can now work when it suits me and support my family. Retraining through home learning has been one of the best decisions of my life.

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