How Can Newsletter Ads Get You New Customers?

How Can Newsletter Ads Get You New Customers?

E-mail newsletters have been around for a very long time. Not only are e-mail newsletters the oldest form of online social marketing but it also the best form. When put together and delivered in the proper manner, an e-mail newsletter becomes an extremely powerful communication and marketing tool.

How Can Newsletter Ads Get You New Customers?

E-Mail Newsletters Are Still the Most Effective Form of Social Marketing

Newsletter advertisements are an important aspect of social media marketing and online sales. It is often through newsletter advertising that those who become interested in a company’s products through social media actually become customers. E-Mail marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to connect with your potential customers and is by far the most successful and profitable form of social marketing. The proper use of newsletter ads will bring you new customers in several ways.

Customers Prefer E-Mail for Marketing Messages

This does not mean that sending promotional materials to any e-mail address you can purchase is a good idea. Targeted e-mails sent to customers that opt-in to your e-mail list have far better results than the batch and blast techniques. You can build your e-mail list by offering opt-in incentives – a free copy of your e-book; access to subscriber-only articles; or a member’s only discount on services or products. Effective E-mail Newsletters are permission marketing which means that the potential customer volunteers his contact information. The potential source actually wants to see what the e-mail source has to offer. This could be based on either prior contact via superior content or the recommendations of a trusted source. Popular and reputable e-mail marketers are well positioned to convert newsletter ads into profits for your company.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page or Website

When potential customers opt-in to your e-mail newsletters they are essentially giving you permission to sell them things. Signing up for your e-mail list is their announcement of interest in your products and services. When they open your e-mails and see your newsletter advertisements they are very likely to click on your links so long as the newsletter also contains quality content pertaining to the products and services in which they have already expressed an interest. According to many online studies, only search engines drive more traffic to shopping sites than e-mail and newsletter advertising.

Display Ad Campaigns Are More Effective When Combined with E-Mail Campaigns

According to an online survey, customers are 47 percent more likely to respond to an ad campaign after receiving a relevant e-mail. This is because e-mail campaigns allow you to precisely target the consumers most interested in your products and services. The same survey revealed that 42 percent of e-mail recipients were of the opinion that newsletter ads in conjunction with targeted recommendations and offers was their favored way to be reached by marketers.

Developing or selecting an e-mail newsletter to advertise within that also reaches your target customer base should be a cinch. There are thousands of very popular newsletters run by content producers with stellar reputations and active subscriber lists. These lists target almost every niche in almost every genre. E-mail newsletter ads are a great option for any online advertiser.

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