How Can I Buy A Country Property In A Loan?


Many residents of our country have long been dreaming about what to get out of the stuffy, noisy city and settle down in a quiet, cozy place close to pristine nature. That is why rural property enjoyed success at all times, and as practice shows, the popularity of this property is not reflected even its cost, which has always been very high. According to financial analysts, this situation with the price of suburban real estate has led many people in our country to contact the financial institution for receiving loans with which they expect to buy real estate in the country.

Why did the Financial Institutions “Concerned” Province?

Starting a conversation, it is important to note the fact that the financial institutions without much enthusiasm meet the desire of potential borrowers to nature. According to financial analysts, the main reasons for this apathy financial institutions lies in the fact that the laws of our country do not give loans for the purchase of suburban property into a separate loan and grant loans for the purchase of homes in the country under the classic mortgage loans for financial institutions is very risky.

 It is connected with the fact that in our country dacha plots and plots lose your own price is directly proportional to the removal of the case from the city limits. In addition, no financial institution will want to contact the implementation of evaluation such as “a small house,” if it is well known what prospects of the structure over the next few years and there is no certainty that soon someone will want to buy this house, in if the financial institution in the event of a sudden have to force majeure sell it for debt. Therefore, financial institutions before granting such a loan conduct a thorough assessment of the real estate that can serve as collateral.

 And even in that case if the verdict of the evaluation committee will be in favor of the recipient of the loan, the interest rate of the loan for the purchase of suburban real estate is a financial institution established by a few points higher than the interest in providing the borrower standard mortgage loans. According to financial analysts, the borrower will have more chance of getting a home loan for the purchase of suburban property in the event that he will make as collateral in their primary residence in the city.

 However, even then it will be necessary to observe a number of important formalities, among which is the fact that the cost of urban real estate serving as collateral, shall not be lower than the estimated amount of the loan. In addition, the property that will serve as collateral should not be prescribed minors.

Providing Loans for Real Estate under Construction

At present financial institutions, working in an area such as the provision of credit loans are for mutually beneficial cooperation with companies and firms that are engaged in the construction of new housing estates and cottages. And the loyalty of financial institutions in the establishment of such a tandem can reach such a level that they are willing to provide loans to potential borrowers at favorable interest rates, which will be issued by collateral in the form of real estate under construction. In the event that a potential borrower decided to buy suburban property in this way, a potential borrower needs to start looking for non-financial institutions, and building a solid company that is willing to provide such services.

 As a rule, in the office of the agency to the potential borrower is happy to provide telephone financial partner institution to which he would be able to get the full range of information on the conditions of the loan, interest rate and other important aspects. The financial institution may in turn be an indicator of the reliability of the developer, because the severe financial institutions are willing to cooperate only with honest, reputable and successful construction companies. Thus, both the lender and the prospective buyer suburban real estate can be fully confident in the purity of documents being built on the site.

What Documents will be Required to Purchase a Borrower Country House on Credit?

Questions relating to the legality of the documents are one of the most important and sensitive issues during loan for the purchase of suburban real estate. As explained by financial analysts, it is related to the fact that the field of the dismantling of the collective farms and state farms allotted to these organizations land repeatedly passed from hand to hand, and often get at the truth who is a part of the seller has the opportunity to qualify for this land, it happens very, very simple.

 When thinking about buying on credit land, the potential borrower must understand that he offered to buy a piece of land should have their personal inventory number, as well as written evidence of the fact that the land is not owned by the municipality. It should also be noted that for the loan portion size must be very large because of the mortgage loan for the purchase of six acres of land in the country’s financial institution will not.

 In addition to the clarity of the land question to the potential recipient of the loan to the financial institution will be provided with standard mortgage requirements and also will need to carry insurance of the site. If we talk about the documents, for processing the loan for the purchase of suburban property or land from a potential borrower will need a passport in addition to the presence of information confirming the level of income, statements of work book about the current job. In addition, as we noted earlier in this article, from a potential borrower will also need property insurance, which will serve as collateral for the loan.

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