How Blogging About Cancer Can Help Breast Cancer Patients

According to psychologists, a patient suffering from cancer needs an outlet to vent his or her frustration or other feelings that are being suppressed.
A cancer patient often feels helpless and depressed.
Breast Cancer Patients
By writing extensively about the way they feel either in a personal journal or by blogging, the patient achieves a sense of relief and control.
It also motivates the patient to look forward to something in life.
The reception and reaction to the blog in the form of likes and comments from the readers is an additional bonus which can transform all the negative feelings into positive ones.
Research indicates that blogging is a good incentive to improve health and achieve calmness.

Online Support System through Blogging

Support groups are a well known therapy for grieving patients. These groups can be in a physical location or online through forums and blogging sites.
Blogging is a good medium to connect with other cancer patients who are going through the same problems and emotions.
This will create a sense of belonging and it builds a support system which can be closer than family and friends who do not have cancer.

Research supporting Blogging as a Therapy

A study that was carried out to test the effectiveness of blogging on the health of women suffering from breast cancer reported that women who blogged about their experience felt that they had better control of their life.
This phenomenon has caused many researchers to conduct similar studies.
According to Dr. Alice Flaherty, MD, Neuroscientist at Harvard University, blogging about breast cancer acts like a placebo for pain.
Furthermore, sharing of personal problems faced while undergoing treatment for cancer releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone.
Doctors are realizing the potential as well as the positive effects of blogging and they have now introduced patient blogs.
Unlike maintaining a journal, blogging offers a chance of connecting with other people who maybe suffering from a similar condition.
This helps them to vent their pent up emotions and also helps them to feel at ease with their situation.

Cancer Blogs

There are a number of blogs and blogging sites created by cancer patients and survivors to inspire other patients and to offer them the same solace they get through blogging.
It is very encouraging to find so many. Here are a few of the popular ones:

  • Two Hands: This blog is maintained by 44 year old Jeanette Vagnozzi. She is based in California and is fighting against breast cancer the second time.

She created the blog nearly 5 years ago, when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.
She posts regular updates about her condition, her battles against breast cancer and details about her breast reconstructive surgery.

  • Mothers with Cancer: This blog is a group of 20 mothers who had or still have different types of cancers, including breast cancer.

You can find some of the most inspiring stories that are shared in this blog as every contributor has something unique to offer.
The posts are extremely helpful and there are many resources for other cancer patients.
All the bloggers post on a regular basis and there are also question and answer sessions for those who want more information.

  • Toddler Planet: Susan Neibur created this blog in order to inform others that inflammatory breast cancer is not seen in a mammogram.

This blog also gives advice and information about inflammatory breast cancer.
Susan shares information about her diagnosis, treatment, the side effects she had and other useful information.
She is also a mother of two toddlers and she loves to post about them as well.
Blogging provides great relief for cancer patients.
It is a great tool for providing information that is personalized and unique; each person goes through a different experience that cannot be predicted by any doctor or medical journal.
Author Bio: Michelle Tyler is a medical writer who writes well-researched, in-depth cancer articles which provide relevant information to help patients combat the deadly disease.
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