Hosting The Perfect Business Meeting

We all know that first impressions count which is why when it comes to business, you need to make sure that it is a good one. When you’re hosting a business meeting it is down to you to make sure everything goes smoothly so that you give your potential business contact the best possible impression of your business.

Hosting The Perfect Business Meeting


One of the most important things to consider is where you are going to host your business meeting. There are usually loads of different local venues that you can use, so whatever you are looking for there should be something to suit you. If you aren’t sure of anywhere to use then you can always ask friends, family and business associates for their recommendations. If that doesn’t help then a quick search on Google can help.

Ideally you want something that is easy to get to with good parking.

What Else Do You Get?

Depending on the nature of your meeting you might want to consider what else the venue can offer  – for example do you need somewhere with WiFi? Perhaps you need projectors? It is all worth considering. Some venues can offer this and some cant so make sure you know what you are getting before you sign up and what you might need to bring yourself.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Although it is a business meeting you should also do what you can to make sure that people attending are relaxed and having a good time. A range of teas, coffees and snacks can help with this. That way people can help themselves to refreshments while they wait for everyone else to get there – which helps to keep everyone happy.

Try to make life easier for people by supplying things like pens and paper as people can get very flustered when they realise that they have forgotten these.
Meet & Greet

Try and make sure that you meet and greet people when they arrive – the last thing you want is them wandering around the venue lost trying to find you. If you are able to do this then make sure they have precise instructions on how to find you when they arrive.

Making Life Easier For People

When you send out an invite to your business meeting it is worth sending out directions on how to get there and even a list of what to expect when they are there – that way people are immediately put at ease and feel better about attending your meeting.

Organising Yourself

Lastly you need to make sure that you are organised, you know the purpose of the meeting and what your role is. If it is a business pitch type meeting then make sure that you know your pitch inside out and that you leave time at the end for question. If it isn’t that sort of meeting then just know that you have everything sorted.

Author Bio: Debbie Johnson works with Oxford Function Venues and she knows what it takes to plan and structure the perfect party or event. When she’s not busy with The Oxford you will find her sharing her knowledge on blogs around the web.

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