Guidelines When Driving A Car

Guidelines When Driving A Car

Safety on the road is the most important thing. Therefore, when driving a car, a driver whether it is a beginner driving some compact vehicles like Mini Cooper, who recently graduated from a driver’s school, or an experienced motorist should strictly follow the traffic regulations.

Guidelines When Driving A Car

Human factor

Before you get behind the wheel and hit the road, you should objectively assess your physical and psychological condition. The road is not a place for emotions; therefore, when you are going to drive a car, you should leave irritability, and nervousness elsewhere. An even better option when you are angry would be to avoid driving and take a walk instead. If you do not have such a opportunity then do your best and calm down before you turn the ignition key.

Naturally, you cannot get behind the wheel after a drink. A glass or two of beer of course will not make you stagger, but your reaction and reflexes are sure to get worse. Even one shot is enough to lose control and create an emergency situation on the road. Remember that alcohol and driving are mutually exclusive.

You should also try not to drive during illness or after a long workout. A weakened state might also result in an accident. Beware of taking medications, because many of them may have a sedative effect (they might cause drowsiness and dullness of attention).

Be responsible not only for yourself for others too: If your friend is trying to break some of these rules, do your best to prevent him from doing so.

The power of the interaction: how to behave in traffic

Driving during a rush hour is a difficult and tedious task. Of course, you might get irritated, become nervous etc. however, you should hold yourself up: do not get angry, do not argue with other drivers. Your task is to overcome the difficulties with minimal losses, or even with no losses. You will be able to avoid accidents if you learn how to behave and keep your temper!

Every driver should be prepared for the fact that they will have to interact not only with other drivers, but also with pedestrians. Be careful when approaching a pedestrian crossing, because a group of people might suddenly turn up at any time. You must be extra careful and attentive when there are children or orderly people. Be polite when interacting with pedestrians if you can give way to them – do it, regardless of the traffic light.

Do not try to overtake a car when there is no need for that. Even if your car has a good, powerful engine, for instance if it is series like BMW 335i that you have, you should still follow the regulations! Very often people get into an accident because they are too confident on the road; therefore do not make the same mistakes!

To sum up, we hope you will stick to our simple rules and next time you get behind the wheel you will make use of them!