Growing Importance Of Online Reputation

A study published in the North American blog 97thFloor showed that of the 100 companies in the Fortune 100, 29 were with the results “negative” content on the first page of Google when you type their name on the engine. Negative results, that is to say transcript of decisions adverse to the business or its brand justices, campaigns of denigration texts protest sites or harsh comments or customers (ex) employees unhappy.

Growing Importance Of Online Reputation

On the net, we can talk about you good or bad and the impact can be very significant and lasting.

Poor Image

More insidious, less clear and a dramatic fall in the prices of shares, but equally or more harmful in the long term, the deficit picture accompanies almost always negative rumors. Its effects are more difficult to quantify and often, it will seek the views, even years after the buzz, to assess the sustainability or otherwise of the negative impact.

Correct your e-reputation in a Positive Buzz

Internet, through strategies of buzz and viral marketing is now an integral part of some communication plans. A buzz orchestrated by the agencies and their clients can generate positive effects.

Web 2.0 tools have created a new paradigm now, customers, consumers, patients, politicians, citizens, companies, officers, directors, employees; union members express themselves freely on the net. They can join together in communities, converse with them, putting pressure on other groups. All these investments are carried out in real time. In this new model of real-time conversation, the media gradually transformed.

On the other hand, the Internet is gradually present in the creation of content by producing or providing content on wikis, blogs, video platforms, social bookmarks, writing comments on news sites, giving his opinions on products or services or by voting online for products or information. More and more sites have a large part of their contents or almost all produced by the user: the comments of a blog, contributions of articles on a collaborative news, videos and photos on a website loaded Dailymotion or Flickr, sheets wikis. We talk about UGC User Generated Content for designating any content produced by the user of these services.

–          93% of Internet users would be at least one Web 2.0 services, 73% for and 66% for forums blogs reveals the TS survey of January 2008

–          75% of Web 2.0 users are contributing to at least one service: first community networks and forums, photo sharing sites, blogs and chats.

These users, actively working to content published on the net are all “micro-media” may give an opinion on a brand, a company, an individual and to make or break their online reputation or at least, there contribute.

Internet is a tremendous opportunity to increase its visibility at a lower cost, build lasting relationships with its privileged public and extend its influence. Buy real instagram followers and take advantage of the network boost its brands and market share.

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