Grace To Grass Story Of Nigerian Musicians – Few Unknown Facts

There is a popular saying in Pidgin English “Soldier come, soldier go but barracks remain”. There are many Nigerian musicians trying to recapture and struggle to survive in this competitive music industry. Nigerian musicians are very talented and have a great passion for music.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the most talented and famous musicians of today. The details about some best musicians are given below –

  • D’Banj –

D’Banj is also known as the koko master. He was born on June 9th 1980, in a northern part of Nigeria in Zaria. His father was a military man and mother was a business woman. He attended the Nigerian military school and later enrolled in the Nigerian navy secondary school for further schooling. He completed his mechanical engineering and was expected to join the military just like his father. However, he diverted to pursue his passion and love for music even though his parents disapproved this decision.

His passion for music got rooted, when he lost his older brother Femi in a plane crash and was given his harmonica. D’Banj’s first musical mentor was Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His first hit song was “kiss me again”. D’Banj collaborated with Ruggedman a Nigerian rap star in this song. D’Banj became an official artist and his first album was released in 2005. The most popular song in the album was “tolongo”.

He released his second album in 2006, which included the remix version of “Tolongo”. D’Banj joined the Don Jazzy’s production and became a member of the group. An album was released in 2007 featuring all the group members. He released his third album in 2008. You can download dBanj songs and videos through online websites easily.

  • M.I

This dark, humble, diminutive, and talented artist came into spotlight in the year 2006 with his hit song “crowd mentality”. His first song was a hit and made him popular. He started getting endorsements and made the headlines. He released a single with Flavour Nabania, which got good popularity outside Nigeria. He is fondly called “Mr. Incredible”. Some of his best works were the vice president, Jude Abaga, chocolate city. At, present the rapper has lost his charm and is not doing so well in the music industry. Maybe now he needs to rediscover himself and spread the magic once again.

  • 9ice –

Abolore Akande has a unique style and was believed to be the most long lasting artist in the music industry. He became famous in a very short time. His first hit single was “Gongo Aso”, which was released in the year 2008. After giving some of the best songs like “photocopy”, “Street Credibility”, and he started fading out from the music industry. He became so popular in such short period of time that he won many awards and has a good bank balance. He released two albums but they are nothing to be looked out for. As for now 9ice’s music career has gone down.

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