Government Pumps Money Into Green Programs

The green energy as must be known is the use of alternative sources of energy rather than burning of the fossil fuels. Countries are fast realizing that the limited sources of energy are fast being depleted and therefore, there is urgent need to switch to green energy. While the developing nations are realizing the importance of this aspect, some of the most developed countries of the world are already doing their bit to save the environment.
In this regard, the government of UK has sanctioned and agreed to fund more than 40 housing projects that would install renewable heating systems across the houses in UK. These systems are such designed that they would not only slash the energy bills but also slash the carbon emissions of the country. The government awarded £3.4m for the housing projects.
The government in its effort to install such systems across the entire UK has made the grants available in different phases. The fund awarded was a part of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment by the government and in the third phase of the project.

The funds thus obtained by the companies qualifying for the direct grant would support the installation of a number of renewable heat technologies, which include solar water heaters, biomass boilers and heat pumps.
The minister for climate change in UK, Greg Barker said that it was the need of the hour to move away to alternative sources of energy which were more sustainable and cheap. He also said that the shift towards low carbon alternatives would help the householders save on the energy bills while also cutting down the carbon emissions. He added that being the obvious thing to do during the time, the government was channeling the investments in to such projects that supported the installation of solar thermal panels and heat pumps.
The awards granted to the qualifying companies have to be completed by March, next year after which it would provide houses to more than 10,000 tenants that would have low cost green heating.
In addition to the installation of renewable heating systems in households, the UK government is also supporting the wind power industry. It recently announced a money grant for the said industry in Merseyside. The federal government would provide £5m to increase the potential of the wind power industry and the grant would be issued to the Wirral Council, which would then utilize the money for projects that support the cause.
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