Getting Over Infertility And Starting A Family

Starting a family is a very big and emotional moment in any person’s life. When people decide to settle down and bring a new life among them, it requires a lot of planning for the future.  It is also highly recommended by doctors that the couple also undergo extensive health check ups before deciding to conceive a baby. A lot of factors need to work together perfectly for successfully starting a family, and unfortunately it is very tough and most couples are not successful on their very first try.

Sexual health and the state of fertility of both the man and the woman are of utmost importance while planning to conceive a baby. Any health complications of either the male or the female partner can completely stop the process. India, being the second most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion people certainly does not lack any people, but everyone still wants to start a family. Unfortunately, lack of proper education regarding such issues like personal hygiene and sexual health, and also a general shyness of people to talk about these problems has led to a lot of such sexual and fertility problems going undetected and untreated. Because of this, a lot of couples cannot start a family of their own. Nowadays, thanks to a change in mentality, such people are becoming more and more aware, and are looking for fertility doctor in India, to address their problems and get proper advice and treatment.

Why people are facing such problems?

Infertility problems can arise due to various reasons ranging from mental health problems to diet related issues. In today’s modern world, the primary reason can be concluded as mental stress. People are always rushing and running around to meet their work deadlines. The pressure at work puts people in a lot if stress, which can directly hamper the sexual health of a person. It affects men more, who may fail to produce enough sperm cells, or may produce infertile, weak sperm cells when they are suffering from mental stress. Women can also suffer from such problems during ovulation.

Dietary inefficiencies may also bring about infertility. Not taking the required amount of nutrition not only makes the body weak, but also affects fertility.

Lastly, these problems may be genetic and inborn, and there is very little one can do to reverse such genetic defects.

What is the cure?

The most important thing to do if faced with such a situation is to immediately go to a fertility specialist and get professional medical advice. Almost all towns and cities now have dozens of fertility clinics and birth planning centres, so finding a good doctor should not be a problem. If the condition is brought about temporarily due to outside influences like diet and stress, taking appropriate medication and precautions and improving one’s diet may reverse the damage. But if the issue is genetic, surgery may be the only option. In some severe cases, patients may not be cured properly and may need to look for other ways to start a family like adoption ot surrogacy.


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