Get Your Living Room Christmas Ready

Get Your Living Room Christmas Ready

Yes I know I said the ‘C’ word! But in my defence it is under 80 days to go until the big day and let’s be honest the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of it all (not to mention the yummy food) but do you go for a real or artificial tree? Do you rearrange your living room? How to spice up your living room without having to spend hours and lots of pounds doing it. Well take a look at these tips I’ve gathered over the years – the ‘cheap’ way to decorate your living room ready for all of the festivities.

Real or Fake?

Growing up we never owned a real Christmas tree, so the idea of having a real Christmas tree was a bit of an odd one to me. So I thought that one year we should try it, and last Christmas I did, and well it gave off a beautiful smell! But by god was it annoying to clean up after it constantly, the hoover was constantly out as the pines that fell on the floor were painful to stand on if not picked up straight away!

Get Your Living Room Christmas Ready

So even though it was fabulous to have a real Christmas tree, I did feel slightly bad for the environment cutting it down. Not to mention what do you do with the remains afterwards? Eventually we found another family member was having theirs removed from their home for a small fee, so we jumped on the bandwagon and did the same.

It was an expensive option, as our tree came to £75, whereas the one that was perfectly good in the loft is a decade old and cost me under £20. Therefore the artificial tree is definitely the value for money option. If you are feeling really extravagant this year then go for the real tree! Everyone’s should try it once, but just be aware there are lots of mess to clean up – although the divine smell did make up for the mess!


When I think of Christmas, I don’t know about you but I think of warm cosy fires, marshmallows, warming cinnamon smells and fluffy blankets. So that’s exactly how I ty to make my li9ving room – warm and inviting for those perfect cosy nights in. First of all I get out my cream fluffy blanket for the sofa, if you don’t have a winter blanket – I suggest you invest! Not only will it save you putting your heating on higher but it also it’s a good excuse to snuggle on the sofa with your loved one. Secondly I make sure I’m fully stocked up on candles, for me vanilla, honey and cinnamon are my Christmas smells, so I always make sure I have a few candles in each room burning away to fill the house with delicious smells. If you don’t fancy mixing fire with children or animals, then go for a diffuser, the same delicious smell, but no fire!

Lastly, I know it’s a bit girly, but especially if you have kids it’s a quick, easy and cheap way to make Christmas in your house that little bit more magical. Hang them around the curtain rail, and drape them over any large pieces of solid and rustic oak living room furniture, you may have. This is will transform your living room to a magical forest deep in the woods. Whack on the fire and open a bag of marshmallows and hey presto, your living room is ready for Christmas!