Frequently Asked Questions about Honda XR400R

A model of 1996, this model has been able to survive till date without any drastic changes being made. The bike comes with an owner manual that provides you all the necessary information about the vehicle. It covers all the important aspects including maintenance, general requirements, basic working, etc.

Here is a list of some frequent queries that you might come across while dealing with your model.

  1. What is the importance of that little triangle right beside the kick-start?
  2. When you move the kick-start backwards without letting it fold, the triangle touches the frame and therefore ruins the paint at that point. Without the triangle, the kick-start would continue back and the frame outwards, all simultaneously.
  3. What do you mean by “de-restrict” in context to your bike?
  4. This broad term refers to a set of things that you will have to eliminate to increase the power output of your bike.
  5. Is it important to remove the carb while changing the jets?
  6. This is not very imperative for most of you. Any change in the main and the pilot jets could be made from the bottom itself by removing the float bowl. Any change in the needle clip or the needle itself requires you to remove them.
  7. How to ensure that what amount if oil is left in the bike?
  8. It is important to keep in mind that you allow your bike to stay idle for some time before checking this. According to Honda Manual, There are basically two oil pumps in your bike. One of them is responsible for getting the oil from the tank right into the main frame tube. The second is the returning pump, which takes oil from the bottom of the motor into the main frame. Oil temperature can influence the pumping rate which is why a warm bike will provide you more accurate and consistent readings.
  9. What are the things that you have to grease up?
  10. A thin film of grease on the bolts will prevent them from corroding. The front and the rear axle’s bolts must be greased too. The rear brake pedal pivot must be filled with grease too. Don’t fill the entire steering head with grease as it will come out due to the hot oil circulating nearby and just create a mess.
  11. What kind of grease is good for the bike?
  12. You must prefer grease that is water resistant as well as waterproof. Aluminium based greases are a nice option. The grease must be apt for the bearing you are using it on.
  13. How does the automatic decompressor work?
  14. Your bike contains two decompressors both are a part of the camshaft. One is used to lift the exhaust value when your engine is at a slow speed. The second acts as a reverse decompressor. It is involved in a clutch mechanism that bleeds off the pressure.

This sums up a small part of all that the manuals resolve. You need to go through more Honda workshop manuals more Honda workshop manuals to understand the basic working and mechanism.

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