Four Reasons To Take A Lazy Vacation

Action-packed adventure vacations are becoming more and more popular. We hear about all the great stories from people that packed every second of their vacations with physical activity, and it does sound like fun. However, when your normal day-to-day life is already comparable in energy output to hiking up a mountain, you might need a more relaxing, poolside, gorge-yourself-on-food type of vacation. Here are four reasons to skip the slopes and head to a vacation with a spa.
Catch Up On Sleep
Most people need vacations because twenty four hours in a day are just not enough, and sleep does not come as much as it should. A lazy vacation is the perfect time to not only catch up on hours and hours of lost sleep from a busy schedule, but also to make that sleep a better quality. When there are no work distractions and to-do lists buzzing through your head, you will sleep better. Also, hotel rooms (as opposed to a camping tent) offer more comfortable accomodations, something which you might not even get at home. So take advantage of the opportunity to simply rest.

More Rested When You Return To Work
Have you ever had those vacations that were so filled with one activity after the next that upon returning home, you found you are more tired than when you left? If your daily life is already so packed from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, an adventure vacation full of hiking, mountain biking, and skiing will not exactly allow you to feel more rested. The purpose of a vacation for many busy people is to relax so that their life afterwards feels more stress-free. If this is you, feel free to sit by the beach all day with a drink in your hand. When you go home, you won’t be feeling the after-effects of a too-full vacation.
It’s Economical
If you are splurging on a nice hotel, have no fear! Everything else can be fairly cheap since your main objective is to relax. Reading by the pool or the beach, taking long naps outside in the beautiful scenery, and enjoying the local customs are all easily affordable, if not free! Going to the beach costs next to nothing unless you rent a lounge chair. Unfortunately, if a spa is the main goal on your itinerary, that will rack up the costs, so keep everything else nice and cheap.
Bond With Your Loved Ones
When your life gets so busy at home, good conversation with your spouse or kids goes out the window. You find yourself talking less about quality things and more about the chores that need to get done. On a lazy vacation, there is ample time to sit and chat, and talk about the things that are truly important. You can catch up by the beach, over a quiet dinner, or even when reading your favorite books side-by-side in a hammock.
Lucy Smith blogs about her travel experiences with a large family & a dog.

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