Four Different Retirement Living Options For Ohio Seniors

The institution of retirement is changing as we know it in the country every day, and now a new generation of people is entering retirement age for the first time.
There are thousands of people in the state of Ohio who will need to start thinking about their retirement plans.
Many will be looking for retirement communities in Ohio, others will be looking for assisted living facilities, and even more will be looking for a mixture of both retirement services.
Ohioans that are over the age of 55 will have a lot of options for retirement living.
According to the Ohio Department of Health’s Bureau of Long Term Care Quality, there are 533 licensed residential care facilities in the state.
Ohio State University Extension program has a partnership with the Ohio Aging Network, and they have some helpful information on the different kinds of retirement living and care option available to Ohio residents.
Here are a few options to consider when looking for retirement living in Ohio:

Assisted Living Facilities
An assisted living facility would be ideal for seniors in Ohio who want to maintain an independent lifestyle,
but also believe that they will need help with certain activities.
Assisted living providers provide services based on an individual’s certain needs.
Many provide meals, housekeeping and transportation services, and assistance with personal care like bathing, dressing, doing laundry, and monitoring medication.
Although assisted living helpers can monitor your medication intake and make sure that you’re taking them on time, it’s important to remember that medical and nursing care services are not provided.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
Continuing care retirement communities in Ohio are ideal for seniors in Ohio who want to live and socialize with other people their own age and still want an independent life style.
CCRCs offer a variety of services to their residents depending on their housing needs.
Some have housing units for independent seniors who can generally care for themselves, and assisted living and skilled nursing care units for senior residents who need personal help and medical care.
Cooperative Housing
Cooperative housing for seniors is a lot like CCRC living, but in this case the residents themselves own the property they live in.
Independent living adults are homeowners along with the cooperative shareholders, and they’re responsible for governing the property and maintenance.
Cooperative housing was designed to give seniors the economic benefits of owning property at a low cost in Ohio.
Elder Cottage Housing Opportunities (ECHO)
If you want to retain your privacy and independence and also want to be close to family members or close friends, ECHO living would be perfect for you and your loved ones.
ECHO homes are like small apartments that are set up on the property of family members.
It’s important to remember that some zoning ordinances don’t allow ECHO properties in Ohio, but for zoned areas this could be a perfect way for both loved ones and senior citizens to get the retirement living they’ve always wanted.

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