Five Reasons To Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media is increasingly popular as it allows companies to reach millions of consumers around the world, but still some brands prefer to ignore it. In doing so, however, they deprive themselves of an interesting opportunity to achieve their goals.

How social media can help you grow your business?

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Increase awareness of your company

Social media helps to increase awareness of your business through three levels:

  • Increase the reach of your messages
  • Commitment created by your posts
  • The influence that you enjoy in the communities where you participate

This is probably, one of the goals that you can reach by using the social media.

Increase traffic to your website

In recent years, social media has become an important source of traffic for website editors. I would say that Facebook and Twitter are the two major platforms that generate the most traffic. However, there are other platforms, some of which are even very specialized (vertical industries, demographic segments etc …). Which is an advantage to obtaining qualified traffic.

Improve the SEO of your website

Social media has opened the way to social referencing. Today, Google is also customizing its search results based on content published on social media. In addition, Google uses indicators “social media” to determine the suitability of the information shared. Finally, social SEO is even more important today with the arrival of the Google Plus social network.

Increase your number of leads

Social media allows companies to interact with prospects, promote their content to potential customers, directing traffic to landing pages etc. furthermore, lead generation is effective when a prospect agrees to give you his e-mail in exchange of a relevant content or when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, etc.

Improve the number of sales

Social media networks are also useful for selling products. In this sales period, as social media analysts indicate that cyber sales will be boosted by social networks and mobile. Businesses use social media for viral marketing provided by sharing tips and discounts between fans and their network. Selling through social media is a particularly strong demand among small businesses.

Author Bio:

Katherine Ray is a veteran blogger and a social media analyst. Her expert opinion and classified information about latest social media trends can help you to support your business. Amongst her work includes sites related to all niche such as accident attorney Tulsa, health and nutrition clinic, beauty parlors and salons etc.

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