Feeling Run Down?

We’re currently living through a difficult time for the world. Many of us are forced to remain indoors, working from home in an unfamiliar set up,or handling far more childcare than we normally would, as schools remain closed.

These big changes, and additional stresses can leave you feeling less than well, even if you’re in perfect health! Today we’re looking at some of the reasons you might be feeling run down, and how you can take action!


If you’ve got a routine at work that’s been disrupted by the measures taken to stop the pandemic, then you may find that you’re not drinking the same amount of water you normally do. If you search for ‘how do you test for dehydration?’ you’ll find the symptoms can include not just thirst but fatigue, headaches and problems concentrating, and if you don’t take action it can escalate into mental confusion and unconsciousness!

Try to reestablish a routine for keeping yourself hydrated and your sense of wellbeing could return to normal.


There are uncountable sources of stress in this new normal. You might be feeling vulnerable as you out to work in your essential job, adjusting to working at home, or dealing with more childcare than usual as schools close – possibly balanced with maintaining your full time job!

All this can have an effect on your wellbeing, leaving you sleeping less and feeling worse. On top of that, the news encourages us to dwell on our health, and research indicates that obsessively dwelling on illness can leave you feeling ill!

If this is what’s leaving you feeling run down, then you need to find time to relax. Whether it’s allowing your children to be distracted by a film or a game while you take a little time for yourself, or drawing firm boundaries around your working hours that mean you can fully switch off in the evenings, finding a balance could help you feel better.


Whether it’s the mental boredom of enforced leisure or the physical inactivity of being trapped at home, without even a commute to stretch your legs, remaining at home can leave you feeling bored and run down.

As long as it’s safe for you to do so, taking up some exercise could leave feeling more energetic and invigorated. Running requires no special equipment and can be done alone – vital at this difficult time. Don’t take on too much too quickly – take a look at some of the couch to 5k app options, and enjoy a phased build up of your exercise routine with encouragement built in!

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