FAQs Related to Shopping for Animal and Character Onesies

Everyone has a child hidden inside. There are some childhood fantasies which everyone would love to fulfil. Kigurumi is one such fantasy which is all about fun and enjoyment. However, there are certain questions that come to everybody’s mind when they think of buying an onesie.

What Is The Concept Of Kigurumi?

These are costumes available for adults as well. They are designed as animal and famous characters. The concept comes from Japan and means to wear a stuff toy. These outfits have details of an animal’s face like eyes, nose and ears on the hood. It covers the whole body except for the face. They also have tails attached to give the unique feel.  It has recently become popular amongst adults for parties and festivals.

Is It Comfortable To Wear?

Kigurumi are made of soft and breathable material which allows air to pass through. This makes them very comfortable. They are not tight fitted and hence people can perform any task while wearing it. One can even wear clothes beneath the onesie and thus, they are suitable for any season.


How to Find the Right Size?

Onesies are baggy and hence anyone can fit into them. There are elastics at the wrist and ankle which ensures proper fitting. However, some companies manufacture them according to heights of people. Therefore, a person can order one according to his built so that it gives the best look. One can easily find onesies from height 5 feet to that of 6 feet. Some websites even provide details of Kigurumi. However, it is recommended to read the details carefully before placing the order.

How to Decide Upon the Company?

It is important to deal with a company which offers good quality stuff at reasonable prices. Going for too cheap onesies might mean compromising on the quality. One must read the specifications mentioned by the company and also read the terms and conditions. While some companies offer free shipping, there are others which might ask for some amount in addition to the price of the onesie.

To know about the product, one can read reviews from people who have already bought the stuff. This helps in taking the right decision. Also, one can look for special discounts in case of bulk orders. This helps in saving money.

What is the Procedure to Book Onesie?

All a person needs is to study various websites and decide which one he feels gives the best deal. Ordering online is a simple process and can be completed in a few clicks. Person should select the onesies he wants to buy and place the order. There are certain details that one needs to give like size, address, contact number, email-id etc. Some websites give the provision of payment when the order is delivered while others ask for advance payment. It is delivered to the doorstep within few days.

What is Process In Case Of Returning the Product?

Good companies ensure that their customers are satisfied. Therefore, they allow refunds and exchanges in case of any discrepancies. However, there are certain terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled to return the product. It varies from company to company but very basic conditions are that the product should not be used even once, the original packaging should be there, copy of bill should be presented, and manufacturing defects are only entertained.

There are various character onesies available online and companies keep adding new ones according to the demand. Buying Kigu Onesies is a simple process with so many options on offer.

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