Everything You Need To Know About Stealth Bombers

Everything You Need To Know About Stealth Bombers

The U.S. is known for its employment of stealth bombers, these bombers were launched with the intention of being able to sustain even within the aerial area of defense of the enemies. The other major criterion was to remain invisible as far as possible both physically as well as from the radar of the enemy.

One of the first and well known bombers was the B-52 bomber, which took its first flight on 15th April, 1952. The official name given to it was “Stratofortress”; it had a nickname too, which was “BUFF” which was an abbreviation of ‘Big Ugly Fat Fellow’. The combats such as the Vietnam War, Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as the operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan have all witnessed the contribution of the BUFF.

Its efficiency has made it one of the oldest aircrafts that NASA used as a ‘mothership’, and that is why it is cited as an example of a great stealth bomber in one of the blogs of Megabite Electronics. This company has been supplying defense equipments to the U.S. military and navy since 1979. They are also reputed for the supply of spare parts from their inventory whenever there is a state of emergency. Their operations are majorly with the Defense Logistics Agency and the Defense market.

The original concept behind the development of the B-52 was to check the threat of Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was designed so as to be able to carry nuclear weapons. It has been serving the U.S. army since then and it will not be sometime very soon when this will be replaced by something else. At present there 76 active such aircrafts with 20 held in reserve.

Everything You Need To Know About Stealth Bombers

However, speculation for its replacement by the B-1 Lancer or the B-2 Stealth bomber is being considered by the authorities. This replacement was proposed as the army needed an aircraft that could carry nuclear bombs across the globe, within a few hours; also the visibility factor needed an upgrade, so that it remains almost invisible to the enemy radar. So, the Northrop Grumman Company that won the contract for the creation of this bomber took it upon them and finally created a 172- foot flying object that looked revolutionary –the B-52 Stealth Bomber.

The blogs of Megabite Electronics where the creator of this bomber has been praised says that this bomber was a revolution even with regard to the aeronautics aspect. Reviews from the pilots of these flying wings reveal that they fly with the smoothness of a fighter jet plane. Its primary difference with the conventional aircrafts is that unlike the latter which has a fuselage, two wings and three rear stabilizers attached to its tail; it is one big wing and resembles the shape of a boomerang.

In the past the aircrafts in the military have had the record of suffering from stability issues, but the development of stealth bombers such as those mentioned make it clear that the U.S. armed forces cannot be taken lightly by the other countries and hence they should be on their guard constantly.

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