Embracing Technology For My Grocery Store’s Workability

One cannot walk around for ten minutes scratch that, two whole minutes without seeing something to do with technology. On our streets it is the advertisement boards, traffic lights, town clocks and even construction managers need technology. Inside our homes are the smart phones, television sets, microwaves and so on. The rate at which technology is evolving is quite fascinating and scary at the same time so being a business woman and a mother to two teenagers means I have no choice but to keep up with all the changes.

Embracing Technology For My Grocery Store’s Workability

I own a grocery shop at the heart of a big town. This means there are people in and out of my shop every single minute. For quite some time the shop was doing very well but then all of a sudden some upcoming stalls became more popular than my stall and hiring more workers did not seem to salvage the situation. One of my employees, the manager, approached me and suggested I buy tablets and take advantage of the WIFI service available for free in the town to enhance the workability of my store. I did my own research and found out he was right. I also did a research on stores that offered tablets and found a couple available; Snapdeal, Flipkart, Shopclues and Amazon. The best part was that these stalls also had coupons. I bought coupons of each stall, from a coupon machine, just to be on the safe side and decided to look at all the online stores.

Out of all the mentioned shops, Snapdeal got my attention. They had a wide variety of products to choose from and of various brands plus all their features had been mentioned. From my previous research, I knew exactly what I needed and having a Snapdeal Coupons, I got that from a reputed coupon store which even made it easier for me. I bought the tablets I needed at a cheaper price and the success of my business is proof enough that the tablets I bought are legit.

Being a working mom also means I’m occupied with work most of the time and at the same time I have two teenagers in the house who seem to be always hungry. I therefore needed a bigger fridge to store more than enough food for them. I did my research on the World Wide Web (www) and got the names of all online stores that sold home appliances. The best part of it all is that the shops had coupons.

After my research I visited all the mentioned online stores looking at the products they offered. Quality and prices were the main things I was looking at. Flipkart got my attention as they offered large variety of fridges to choose from and their prices were fair. I was actually spoilt for choice. I finally made my choice and with the Flipkart Coupon I had bought made it possible to buy the fridge at a lesser price.

The fridge fits perfectly in my kitchen and it looks exactly like it did on the Flipkart website. Now I don’t have to worry about my kids going hungry because once I stoke the fridge I know there is enough food to last us several days.

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