Easy Vegetables To Grow In My Garden

If you are thinking about growing your own vegetables from home, then you should look at the choice available to ensure you pick the vegetables that are most suited to your lifestyle.  If you don’t have much time to dedicate to growing, then you should choose vegetables and plants that don’t need as much time and effort put into them. To give you a better idea on what you can start growing in your garden immediately, continue to read on:


If you have limited time to grow your vegetables, then potatoes are probably the best option to choose from. You should plant them deep in the ground and wait for the shoots to come through; this will usually take a couple of weeks. Once the shoots have appeared you should then cover them with more soil to block out any incoming light. To make sure that the potatoes grow well, they will need watering on a regular basis.


Beans are another common vegetable to grow in the garden, this is because they are quite easy to grow and will grow in short amounts of time. The easiest type of bean to grow is the climbing runner bean. However, they are quite difficult to maintain this is because they are quite big plants and they produce quite a lot of foliage. If you don’t control the foliage then it can create a lot of shade for neighbouring plants.


Onions are also a very easy vegetable to grow, once you have planted them in your patch, you can just leave them until they are ready to harvest. You should plant them in spring and they are usually ready to harvest in mid-summer. You can grow them in sets so that you have plenty to stock up on through the winter. Once they have been planted, you can just leave them to grow on their own without intervening.


Shallots are very easy to grow; all you need to do is plant them as individual bulbs with around 10cm space. A useful gardening tip for growing shallots is to wait for the foliage to die down, this is a sign to let you know that they are ready to pick.


If you wanted to grow something extra in your vegetable patch but don’t really have that much room, then garlic is the perfect thing to grow. It does not demand that much space, so it can be tucked into the edge of any vegetable patch.


Sweetcorn is a fairly easy plant to grow and is also very pleasing to the eye. The sweetcorn plant is usually ready by the end of summer (August). You can leave the plant to grow all through summer without having to intervene and help.
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