Don’t Ignore This One Simple Rule If You Want To Be A Good Blogger

Sometimes when you’re doing the most random or ordinary of things like driving or watching television and then an idea hits you straight in your face! In this moment of epiphany you finally understand what that one tiny detail was that you missed. This is one simple rule can completely transform your blog and maybe even make you a celebrity in the blogging community!

Curious!? Well it is none other than adding a few images or graphics to your content to make it more attractive and innovative! So simple yet probably the most ignored of all details! Here are a few reasons why having images on your blog is a great idea.

Firstly, adding images or other graphical content to your blog is good for your eyes as well as your brain for it is more easily understood. It is easier for the reader to simply look at the image and understand what the blog is all about instead of having to read through the lengthy article. It serves the dual purpose of making the content attractive and easy.

Secondly, using images make your blog more unique so that it can stand out among the millions of other blogs. The reader or viewer goes for a blog that looks interesting and is innovative. Adding images solves both these purposes. Having your own unique style is one of the most important things for a newbie for it helps him establish a big and loyal reader base.

Thirdly, images are a great way of promoting your blog and establishing a wide reader base. It is a great idea for newbies and budding bloggers who want to make it big. It increases the curiosity of the reader and acts as a trailer or teaser to the man content of the blog. The reader is sufficiently intrigued looking at the image wondering what the blog is about.

Don’t Ignore This One Simple Rule If You Want To Be A Good Blogger

Fourthly, you can also add videos and other graphics to make your content more creative. The sky is the limit. Just make sure that there is a logical link between the image or video and the content. Simply adding an image to the content just because it is pretty is a bad idea. Add images that would tell you more about the content or helps you understand the content better rather than misleading the reader.

Fifthly, images are an amazing way of adding variety to your content. Most readers don’t even bother reading the entire content they just browse through it once. Attractive and colourful images help you break away from the monotonous lengthy article like format and spark your content up a bit! A bit of change for the reader and the blogger as well, a welcoming change that both can enjoy!

Now that you have realised this simple detail it is important that you keep in mind another tiny rule. Extremes are dangerous. It is great that you’ll be using images and other graphics on your blog spicing up your content a bit but don’t overdo it. For that would just make your content exaggerated and shiny without any solid substance.

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