Debunking The Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Debunking The Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Just a few years back, plastic surgery was thought to be some kind of sorcery or something that existed in a science fiction movie. It was thought that plastic surgery was only done for restoration purposes and wasn’t very common. But it was the last decade that has completely changed the dynamics of plastic surgery and now it is increasingly becoming famous for aesthetics purposes. 

But, when it comes to aesthetic surgery, the doctors of the Farid family hospital, claim that people have a lot of misconceptions about cosmetic surgery which even makes them believe that is something illegal and is not for medical purposes. People don’t even have complete information about cosmetic surgery. 

It is essential to know about the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery before opting for it as cosmetic surgery includes both minor and major surgical procedures. 

So, if you are thinking of getting cosmetic surgery done, thorough research and a detailed analysis of myths and facts related to cosmetic surgery are important. In order to facilitate you with the information about cosmetic surgery, the following are some of the common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery that we are going to debunk.

  • Cosmetic Surgery is Only for Rich People and Its Expensive

The top misconception that we are going to debunk is that many people are under the impression that cosmetic surgery is quite hefty on your pocket. Unless the cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is done due to an accident, the insurance company will cover it but most of the health insurance plans do not cover the procedures of the cosmetic surgery. But, now with the increasing demands, there are certain procedures of cosmetic surgery that are not expensive and you can pay it in a regular manner by opting for personal loans, medical credit cards and by opting to pay from your personal savings.

  • Cosmetic Surgery is Only for Aesthetic Purpose

People even think that it is only for those people who want to look young and get youthful skin as much as possible. But the best surgeons in Rawalpindi do not agree with it and they say that cosmetic surgery or even plastic surgery can be done for many reasons. It should be pertinent to know that many people who undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery, do it for many health reasons, for pain management reasons, and for their aesthetic purpose, to gain their own confidence. 

There is nothing wrong with opting for cosmetic surgery if it helps you in managing your health or boosting your confidence level. Reconstructive nose surgery is the most common procedure in cosmetology. People who have difficulty in breathing from their nose, normally undergo this surgery, so that they can breathe easily.

Now, the other common procedure is known as “Botox”, not only it is good for aesthetic purposes but also helps in relieving pain. Research has shown that who suffer from migraine, they get relief from the pain from Botox more as compared to the medications.

  • Only Women Opt for Cosmetic Surgery

Again, it is a common perception that people think that women opt for cosmetic surgery more as compared to men. Typically, they do go, but there are many procedures in cosmetology where the men undergo surgery more. These procedures include surgery of the nose, eyelid surgery, botox, and eye bag treatment.

  • Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery is a Painful and Long Journey

Many people fear surgery in general. But when it comes to cosmetic surgery, they get more concerned. They think recovery from the cosmetology procedure takes a long time and is a painful recovery journey. It is not completely true, as there are many different procedures of cosmetic surgery available. The recovery depends upon whether the procedure is minor or major. Mostly, the recovery period of cosmetic surgery is neither painful nor long due to the advancement of modern technology.

All the surgical procedures need time to heal properly but, most cosmetic surgery procedures take about a few days to a couple of weeks to heal, obviously depending upon the surgical procedure. 

  • Botox is Dangerous Procedure

Last but not least in our list is that people still have doubts about Botox. They believe that it is a dangerous procedure as it can lead to various health complications. Even though the source of Botox is bacteria, it is an FDA-approved procedure. Botox basically has the ability to paralyze the muscle that causes migraine; thus, it helps in reducing migraine pain. 

In the End

When we talk about cosmetic surgery, there are many misconceptions that people believe. But, when you think of undergoing any cosmetic procedure, you need to consult an expert cosmetologist and get the information that you want.

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