How To Create The Ultimate Man Cave

Almost every male will dream of owning his own man cave, as it will provide the perfect place to relax, play games and embrace his passions and hobbies. To help you create an entertaining and relaxing space, we are going to show you how to create the ultimate man cave.

A Recliner

No man cave would be complete without a relaxing recliner chair. It is often at the top of the list for all men, as there’s no better way to chill to watch sports, movies or TV. You will also need a chair that will not cause pain in your neck if you were to fall asleep, which is why it’s great to have a comfy seat to lie down and relax on. You could even buy an extra chair if you have a Joey to your Chandler.


Of course, the perfect addition to every recliner is a TV. It will be your go-to place to watch the Super Bowl, Sunday football or another superb sporting event. You can also watch your favorite movies in comfort and style with a large, flat screen TV. The bigger the better when creating a cinema-style experience.

A Bar

You can guarantee you will long for your man cave after a long, hard day at work. That’s why you should incorporate a bar into the space, so you can crack open a bottle of beer, pour a glass of whiskey or treat yourself to a nice glass of red wine. Incorporate a refrigerator into the man cave, which will prevent you walking back and forth to the kitchen. It will also prevent your friends from bothering your wife or girlfriend when they come over, and it will be the hub of the home at a party or family gathering.

Bar Stools

If you plan to open your man cave up to friends, you should incorporate some bar stools into your man cave’s design. There are many great options to choose from, and it will give the guys a place to sit as they enjoy a drink at the bar – and, most importantly, it will stop them from sitting in your recliner chair.

A Pool Table

Say goodbye to the stresses and strains of everyday life with a pool table. It will allow you to focus your attention on playing a game, so it’s a great way to have a little fun in your spare time. You could even challenge the guys to a bet to see who is the best pool player of them all.

A Dart Board

Do you regularly have friends over? Consider incorporating a dart board into your man cave, which will allow you all to have a little fun over a beer. It can also entertain your children when they’re allowed to enter your man cave, so you can have some family fun.

Sports Memorabilia

Do you class yourself as a sports fan? Whether you love football, baseball, basketball or soccer, create a man cave that celebrates your favorite team, sport or historical sporting event. Hang a football jersey in a glass frame, show off your trophies or showcase iconic sporting images across the man cave, which will create a bar-style experience for both you and your guests. There will be no better place to watch a big game.

A Poker Table

Invite your friends to a poker night, which will allow you all to relax, have a drink, chat and win a hand or two. Incorporate a poker table into your man cave to not only have some fun with the guys, but to prevent them from creating too much noise across the home during a game. You simply close the door, shuffle the decks and attempt to take your friends’ money. You know that sounds good!

Movie Posters

A man cave allows you to dedicate a space to all your favorite things, which is why many men often choose to hang movie posters on their wall. It is a space to showcase your love of the big screen, as you can add posters of Star Wars, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs or Rocky onto your wall, to name but a few. It will also provide your guests with an insight into who you are and the movies you enjoy – so you can create an even stronger bond.

An Indoor Putting Mat

The chances are, your wife or girlfriend might not like the idea of you playing golf inside the home. However, you can choose from one of the many indoor putting mats to add into your man cave, so you can practice at your leisure. Golf enthusiasts can, therefore, improve their handicap away from the course or driving range, and you could even buy a roll-up mat that will allow you to store it away when it is not in use easily.

Add Some Fun Items

Make a fun space that will bring a smile to your face even on the moodiest of days. For example, you could add a basketball hoop to your bin, or incorporate animated figurines onto your man cave’s shelving.

A Pinball Machines

When you think of a man cave, the chances are a pinball machine springs to mind. This is because it is a must-have item that will add a touch of luxury, style and fun to your man cave’s design, while providing hours of entertainment. Look for a retro pinball machine that not only offers a great game, but will impress your guests.

Personal Items

Your man cave will tell your guests a lot about who you are – so you must choose your belongings carefully. It is your space to add a few personal touches into a design, so make sure you express your personality throughout the design. For instance, you could hang a photo of a large bass you caught on a summer fishing trip or can share your sporting or professional accomplishments. Remember, it is an opportunity to show off your personal achievements, so decorate for yourself not others.

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