How To Create An Inviting Guest House

Whether your guest home will be used for visiting family members and out-of-town friends, used as an income property, or for elderly parents, creating an inviting space and comfortable living area can be done fairly easily. With a few key components, the space can feel like a home away from home for everyone who stays inside:

  1. Location

While a guest house is ideally detached from the main home, if the space you want to use is in fact attached to the home, try to keep it on the ground level. This way the space is easily accessible for any visiting guest.

Make sure to add access to the outside. If you end up using the space for an income property, it will be worth more if tenants can enter and exit their space without having to walk through the main home.

  1. Define the Space

Guest houses usually are the size of a small apartment and have a bathroom and/or small kitchen attached to the space. In the case of a larger space, define the space so that it feels like a charming small home. Many guest houses are extremely bare inside, which can come off as stark and impersonal. Instead, elevate the space by adding in a sitting area, a living area, and even a small office space.

Additionally, anticipate what your guests or tenants will need in the space. For example, instead of detailing the space in wall to wall carpet, install hardwood flooring by the outside door. It’s a wise move from a weather standpoint, and it gives the space a small foyer-like entrance. Check out discount flooring in Los Angeles or wherever your location is to find the best deals available at .

  1. Personal Touches

Adding in personal touches will bring warmth to the space. Make sure TV and internet are accessible in the house, which will make guests feel like they’re at home. On the other hand, tenants will appreciate the fact those amenities are already available here , and you can factor that expense into their rent.

If the space is without a kitchen or kitchenette, consider offering at least a mini fridge. You can leave sodas and waters in there for guests, and tenants will be pleased the space comes with a fridge. You can easily create a small kitchen by adding in a hot plate, microwave, and small coffee pot.

  1. Color Palette

Bring in light colors like blues, yellows, and creams, for they are classic colors that inspire tranquility. It is important the space feel inviting, and the use of soothing, neutral colors will aid in making the space homey. Stick with light curtains and white blinds in order to bring in as much natural light as possible. The extra addition of light will emphasize the space, making it feel brighter and larger.

Regardless of who will use the space, creating an inviting space within the guest house will bring both guests and tenants a sense of comfort and familiarity. Visit  for more tips.

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