Contentmart – Why It Is Good News For Content Writers and Clients

Contentmart – Why It Is Good News For Content Writers and Clients

Imagine a marketplace where you can post your requirements free and get your work done by a qualified person chosen from a pool of wordsmiths. Too good to be true, did you just say? Well, if so, you are wrong. There is such a marketplace – that too easily available to you. Want to know more about it? Well then, read on:

Contentmart – Why It Is Good News For Content Writers and Clients – India’s own freelance job portal for content

Contentmart is different from the other freelance job portals because it is exclusively dedicated to content projects. Here you can find jobs for content related needs only.  That makes it a preferred platform for both freelance writers and clients in search of quality content.

The Process – how can you be a part of it all?

Registering yourself as a client or a writer is very easy. You can register using your email id or through your Facebook profile. Once you register and verify your mail id, you can start posting/bidding. If you are a client looking for content, Contentmart will offer you hundreds of verified writers to choose from the talent pool. This number is constantly increasing thanks to the good word being spread by those who are already active on this platform. Furthermore, the money deposited for a project stays safe until the client is satisfied with the quality of the content delivered.

The process for registering as a writer is also similar. Once you verify your mail id, you will be required to pass a basic English language test before you can start bidding for any of the thousand projects on the offer. Once the writer bids for an order and the client awards him the same, he can start working on the project. As his payment is already deposited with Contentmart, there is no risk of nonpayment whatsoever. All he has to do is to deliver the content within the agreed timeline.

What are the benefits?

For a client, it becomes easy to find writers for his content needs. As the content sent through Contentmart is automatically checked for plagiarism issues, the client can rest assured that the content received through it is fresh and authentic. Moreover, he need not scout various portals for different content needs. He can get all his content through writers registered with Contentmart.

As far as the writers are concerned, Contentmart is an apt platform that provides them with continuous work. They need not wait for the whims and fancies of one or two clients. Instead, they can bid for any of the projects they find suitable. As there are no hefty fees or charges other than a small commission (10%) for every work, the writer can take home most of the money he earns.

In short, Contentmart offers a win-win situation for both the clients and the writers. It is not surprising to note that thousands of writers and clients have already registered with Contentmart. They are reaping benefits in the form of good content and good pay. Don’t you think you should too?

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