Common Roof Problems You Yourself Can Detect

Common Roof Problems You Yourself Can Detect

Architecture has come a long way in the history of mankind. With numerous monumental projects still giving people awe and inspiration, architecture can truly bring out emotions. However, aside from being emotional and beautiful, what is amazing about architecture also is its ingenuity. Through time a lot of architectural developments have served people well and people can truly say the same thing about roofs. Roofing is something that modern architecture has developed to become very functional. However, with this functionality comes the responsibility to sustain it.Nowadays a lot of professional roofing services have emerged such as roofing repair Plymouth Michigan where winters can get harsh and damage roofs really badly. However, inspecting your roof to see if there are any damages can be done by yourself. Here are some of the common problems you yourself can spot when checking out your roof.

Shingle Holes

The shingle is one of the most exposed parts of the roof which is why having a hole in it will obviously result to leaks. Shingle holes, as the name suggests, are holes in your roof’s shingles. Fortunately, although they can be very damaging, holes in your shingles can be patched easily although it will take time to detect them all.

Missing Shingles

Yes, shingles can go missing and although it may sound funny, this problem can be both devastating and expensive. Missing singles can be caused by external damages and can cause uneven distribution of water when it rains therefore risking leaks.

External Damages

Perhaps one of the more easily detectable damages, external damages can range from tree damages to winter damages. These things can be detected my means of seeing dents, scratches, cracks, and the likes. Although these damages are easily detected, external damages may take time to be repaired and may require professional help which is why it is important to check your roof on a regular basis to have these damages patched up before it can get worse.

Broken Gutters

Broken gutters are recurring problems in the roof which makes it a tad bit annoying and frustrating. Broken gutters can range from simple clogs, caused by branches or leaves, to totally devastated gutters maybe due to water overload. Repairing broken or clogged gutters can take some time depending on the damage. Fortunately, you can avoid some of these problems by installing strong screens and reinforcing your gutters.

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