Common Practice Areas Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Toronto

Mistakes happen in life and they could result in severe consequences. But that does not mean people who have committed something wrong needs to accept the punishment without a fair trial. Canadian law gives fair trial to everyone and even to those who are charged with criminal offenses. However, there are many people who do not know what criminal charges are and what Toronto criminal lawyers do to help them. Knowing the common criminal offenses committed by people would help to prevent them from happening or when happened helps to find a criminal lawyer instead of a general attorney who has not specialized in criminal law.

  1. Assault

Assault is attacking an individual causing physical damage to the individual or property with or without the use of weapon. The punishment for assault varies based on the different factors like motive, individual attacked [civilian or law man], injuries, etc. Browse our website now to know about different types of assaults categorized in the legal system.

  1. Drug offense

There are many weeds and manufactured drugs that should be present with a person without any license or prescription. Illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. are not allowed to transport or produce or possess without authorization. This can lead to cancellation of passport or imprisonment of the person.

  1. Sexual Assault

Physical or mental abuse of an individual by another person or group of members belonging to office, neighborhood, relatives or anyone unknown can be considered as sexual assault. Sexual abuse done with body harm, weapon threatening, force, etc. have different punishments and with the current laws such crimes are considered very seriously. Victims or accused should immediately hire a criminal defense lawyer in Toronto to get justice; otherwise, the problem could increase to an unexpected scale.

  1. Murder

Over the years, the crimes of murder have increased tremendously in Toronto due to many sociological and psychological factors. Murder is distinguished into first degree murder, second degree murder and manslaughter. The sentencing depends on the motive, weapon, relation, intention, etc. and results in severe punishment.

  1. Robbery

Robberies are quite common and most of these cases get caught because of the dedication of the policemen and the use of latest technology. Robbery can be combined with illegal possession of weapons, assault, physical abuse, murder, etc. if there is violence in the crime scene. Many unfortunate things may happen while committing robbery and it is best to avoid such ideas. Toronto criminal lawyers can act as counselors to people who have criminal intentions.

  1. Threat

Threatening is something that most people do without the intention of doing anything. But, this can be a serious offense if the person who receives it takes it seriously. In extreme cases, threats are made with gestures, weapons and force. All these come under performing a criminal offense.

There are many other common practice areas like bail hearing, human trafficking, thefts, etc. that a criminal defense lawyer in Toronto would deal with. It is advised not to commit such criminal offenses and if by misfortune any of these are committed immediately hire a lawyer.

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