Colors available in Honda Activa 125 – The most loved Indian scooter

Honda Activa is undoubtedly one of the most popular scooters in India. It is also among the largest selling scooters owing to its combination of spectacular performance, a lovely design and an economical price. To top all of it, the mileage is also superb which one of the major factors is for every Indian before they purchase any vehicle. Honda has completely nailed it when it comes to the scooter industry. One of the major decision making factors while purchasing a scooter are also the color in which you want your vehicle to be. If you are looking to purchase the Honda Activa 125, you can avail it in four different colors, all of which are equally attractive. It finally depends on your choice of color and preferences before you go ahead and purchase your favorite color.

Honda Activa 125 Colors

Although one can customize the color of their scooter to any color of their choice but there are few preset choices that the company provides. These are trendy and look absolutely amazing on the scooter. If you are impressed by them, you can buy these colors straight away from a dealer. In case you want any modifications, you would have to get them done externally. Below are the Honda Activa 125 colors available:


Black is one of the most popular colors in which the Honda Activa 125 is available. Most people choose the color because it looks good irrespective of the changing trends. Black is and always will be the most preferred choice for all those who are looking to buy a new scooter and you would love to know that Honda provides it as an option for the Activa 125.

Pearl Amazing White

White is another mainstream color in which you can buy the Honda Activa 125. You would notice that the dealers usually charge more for special colors and the Pearl amazing white is one among them. If you would like to have a decent looking scooter color, white is probably the best option available in the Honda Activa 125.

Rebel Red Metallic

As the name says, the Rebel Red is bold and looks beautiful. It is mostly the preferred choice for women who are buying this scooter. If you are looking for a bright and vibrant option as the color then this shade of red would be the perfect choice. You can also spot the word metallic in the color name and when you actually see the vehicle, you will know what it means as it has a metallic finish to the body paint.

Midnight Blue Metallic

If you are looking for a dark option and don’t want to go for black, this is the second option you can seriously consider. The midnight blue is a dark shade of blue and looks amazing on the new Activa 125. In the previous versions of Activa, this option wasn’t available but Honda came up with it after hearing feedback from its own users.

The Last Words

Although there are only four different color options of the Activa 125 that Honda provides but you will be glad to know that all of them are quite fantastic. The spectrum and options of colors are varied and suits the preferences of most targeted users. Honda will definitely add more color options in the future if they feel that a new color needs to be introduced. Now that we have introduced and detailed you about all the colors available for the Honda Activa 125, you can go ahead and choose the one you like.

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